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Site preparation contractors are essential since site preparation is a vital component for ensuring the success of a construction project. If the land is not properly prepared for building, there could be significant safety or quality issues with the construction process, likely leading to lengthy delays and additional expenses.

Let's look at the significance of this process, how it is done, and why working with professional site preparation contractors is of utmost importance.

Why Is Site Preparation Important?

Site prep is the preparation and conditioning of a construction site, and that happens after the design of a construction project and before the construction.

Site preparation contractors are essential in any construction project.

The range of activities and processes involved in this first phase ensures a stable foundation for your structure. It guarantees that the site conditions enable the construction project's successful development.  

Ultimately, this affects the factors that influence the overall safety of the site and the project's affordability.  

Any contractor, builder, or engineer will know that the site prep phase is critical. It can often determine the safety of your workers or the success or failure of construction.  

A land preparation company should show professionalism and quality service.

Proper land clearing and site prep are indispensable and not something you should leave up to chance.

Due to this, basic site preparation by site preparation contractors is an essential preliminary measure for the construction of any building. Nevertheless, the specifics of some project developments make them need more work than others.

Site Prep Services  

There are many different processes involved in preparing the site. At Shilling Excavation, we could do them all effectively and efficiently.

Tree Clearing

Tree clearing is an essential step, especially on greenfield sites with no previous development. We get rid of all tree stumps, debris, timber, and other vegetation on the construction site to make a clear space for the construction and earthworks.  

Clearing plants and trees need the help of site preparation contractors.

Removing trees sometimes requires skills that vary from brownfield sites. All tree roots left behind in the ground might continue to grow and risk the integrity and costs of the development down the road. So, it's important to find these during site preparation.

Sometimes, you might have to leave specific greenery on the site for aesthetic or conservation reasons. As such, this step needs a lot of attention to detail.  

Land Clearing

Land clearing is often the final step before proceeding with excavation.

Besides removing trees, the site preparation involves demolishing underground infrastructure and existing buildings on site.  

You never know what you'll find when it comes to land clearing. Existing buildings and infrastructure onsite can often produce unexpected obstacles. That could easily push the construction project above budget or behind schedule. We at Shilling Excavating are expert site preparation contractors, and we have the know-how to develop creative solutions to prevent delays from unforeseen events.  

Structural Fill & Import fill

When leveling a parcel of land for construction, we at Shilling Excavation fill any depressions present in the project land using earth. Sometimes, excavations are easily balanced by bulk earthworks where we can use excess soil from another section to get the depressions filled.

When this isn't the case, we would have to import fill to obtain the required site gradient.  

If the soil on the site is not strong enough to support a structure, it needs replacing with compacted structural fill. That will ensure a solid and good foundation for development. 

Drainage Site Access

Flooding of the roadways and site property can cause complications in the construction project. The best way to stop this is by ensuring the right installation of onsite drainage systems and pipes. It's crucial to have enough access to these systems to maintain them properly and mitigate risks of flooding.

Site preparation contractors also demolish existing buildings.

Our team comprises hard workers who know all the ins and outs of site clearing, preparation, and excavation. We know exactly how to deal with these elements to make sure that the land is excellently primed for construction.  

Why Go to Professional Site Preparation Contractors?

The first part of all new construction projects is clearing and preparing the site once the ground is broken.

Preparation of a land area by a seasoned site preparation service is vital to the building project's success, as mistakes made with this important initial step could leave you with serious issues throughout the construction project and even down the road.

Before you assume anyone with a backhoe could clear and ready your building site, understand why hiring expert site preparation contractors for the project is vital.

Proper land clearing

There is more to land clearing than just removing trees and vegetation.

Professional site preparation contractors have the knowledge and equipment to do a thorough and complete stump and tree removals. Afterward, there's nothing left to interfere with foundation construction or lay a stable and flat building pad.

Objects such as old structures, large rocks, and anything else on the construction site are properly cleared to leave a clean slate for a new building.

Easier and Faster Excavation

When a construction site is properly cleared, excavation is a breeze, which means fewer problems digging for pad installation and foundation construction, plus the ability to stick to a project schedule.

Timely, professional site preparation contractors reduce the cost of preparing to build, so your construction project stays within the designated budget because no excessive excavation time is spent because of poorly removed stumps and other objects.

accurate Land Grading

Land grading is one of the more extensive processes involved in proper construction site preparation. You must hire only professional site preparation contractors to deal with it.

Site preparation contractors know the ins and out of excavation and preparation.

Proper grading and soil preparation are vital for ensuring the site have sufficient drainage and support for the coming infrastructure.

Improperly done, the construction site could suffer from major issues in the future that jeopardizes the structure's stability.

Better Site Access

Expert site preparation contractors would also clear and prepare a stable accessway to the construction site.

A prepared access way gives passage to and from your site by heavy equipment and machinery easier and less destructive, leaving little site damage to repair and clean up when the project is complete.

A Stable Construction Site

Most importantly, expert site preparation contractors guarantee that you can start a new project with a stable, expertly-readied construction site that could provide a good, safe foundation for the building.

With meticulously done land clearing, grading, and excavating, the project is protected against common serious issues when you build on a construction site that hasn't been correctly prepared.


What are site preparation contractors?

Site preparation contractors prepare sites for construction and perform tasks such as grading, demolition, excavating, and septic system installation.

What is site preparation in construction?

 The first phase of any major construction is called site preparation. This process involves leveling the ground for building, and clearing the land of debris and trees.