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When you have a construction project in the pipeline, there are several essential steps you need to do before work can even begin – from land clearing to excavation to other site prep processes. One of the crucial components of any construction project is land grading.

Level base to build. Accurate slope to properly channel water flow. Foundation protection. Flooding prevention. Avoid landscaping losses. Shilling Excavation is a trusted provider of land grading services in Central Texas.

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Services That Always Make the Grade

Since 1992, Shilling Excavation has been Central Texas’ trusted land grading company. We have been providing Central Texas property owners with professional land grading services that make the grade – so they can transform their property into their ultimate dream project.

Uneven ground is not suitable for safe and efficient building. That’s why the land grading process is a crucial step in the planning phase of your development project.

Setting precise grading and drainage systems is essential to fight off water damage issues to your property. All Shilling Excavation land grading projects are guaranteed to meet all codes and regulations for your jurisdiction – with a primary focus on proper drainage.

At Shilling Excavation, we have the machinery and know-how to complete land grading requirements for various construction projects. We understand that every project is unique – our expert contractors will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your property before we recommend our professional land grading solutions.

Hire the Shilling Excavation team as your land grading contractors – and we will ensure a high-quality service that exceeds your expectations.
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Accurate Land Grading Techniques

At Shilling Excavation, we know how important it is to practice accurate land grading techniques. Don't hesitate to contact us for your new construction or existing yard grading.

Our land-grading experts always deliver safe, efficient, and productive land-grading projects.

Contact Shilling Excavation today to learn more about our professional land grading services and how we can assist you in your project.

Our Land Grading Services

  • Pad grading
  • Final grading
  • Ranch grading
  • Farm grading
  • Parking lot grading
  • New construction grading
  • Soil and gravel grading
  • Residential grading services
  • Road grading
  • Driveway grading
  • Land grading for drainage
  • And more!
If your project requires specific land grading services, please contact us.

We’ve worked on various construction projects and would love to look at your property to offer our professional recommendations.

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Offering Outstanding Land Grading Solutions

Since 1992, we have been Central Texas’ trusted excavation and land grading contractors. We have the experience, know-how, and equipment to take care of all your land grading needs.

As a trusted local business, we are passionate about helping property owners in our community. At Shilling Excavation, we always deliver personalized and tailor-made solutions to our client’s specific needs. Contact Shilling Excavation today for a free estimate.


At Shilling Excavation, we utilize the best land grading techniques to fight against soil erosion throughout the construction project – providing an adequate drainage system that doesn't negatively impact the construction site.

Some parts of the land get exposed to wind and water when filling uneven slopes with soil. As land grading professionals, our experienced team knows how to address soil erosion in every land grading project adequately.

Our land grading professionals have high-quality equipment to avoid severe flooding and clogged road drains during a project.


We take pride in establishing a broad client base due to our professional and reliable services. 

General contractors, commercial, residential, and agricultural property owners throughout Central Texas rely on us to get their land adequately prepared for whatever project they have in mind.

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Enjoy your property thoroughly. Please protect it from water infiltration. Enhance the curb appeal with an adequately graded lawn.

Shilling Excavation does your land grading right.

We bring the best equipment and expert staff to work evening out and level your property.

Leveling your property can help solve the following issues:

• Water in the foundation
• Standing water on the ground
• Areas of damaged land

Land grading ensures water won’t infiltrate your property and cause severe damage.

Take good care of your property by hiring Shilling Excavation land grading experts.

A professionally leveled property can make a world of difference.

Let’s talk about the land grading requirements for your property.

Whether it’s new construction, an existing yard, or whatever project you have planned, we can offer professional land grading solutions that will work best for you.


If you’re considering investing in your property’s landscape design, grading the land is crucial.

Shilling Excavation does professional land grading to ensure adequate water flow and prevent flooding in your garden, yard, or driveway.

With our land grading services, you wouldn’t have to worry about swampy and flooded areas in your yard, attracting pests and mosquitoes. 

No need to fret over water, causing potholes and washouts or resulting in the roots of your plants and trees to rot and die.


Hire an experienced land grading contractor you can trust to ensure the strength of your building’s foundation. We are the premier provider of land grading services in Central Texas – dedicated to getting the project done right.

The structural foundation is compromised when a property is not leveled or graded. This leaves your building vulnerable to foundation collapse and water drainage issues. These are costly repairs and, most importantly, can negatively impact your property value. Don't let it come to that.

We offer excavation, land clearing, and land grading services in Central Texas. Call us to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.

Hire the Experts from Shilling Excavation

To ensure proper land grading methods, hire experts from Shilling Excavation. Our team has provided top-notch services to Central Texas property owners since 1992.

Trust. Responsibility. Open communication. We work hard to be the best in all aspects of our business by fostering an honest and professional relationship with all our clients.

We aim to maintain a safe, efficient, and productive working policy – conforming to all industry-accepted regulations. Your project is in good hands when you partner with Shilling Excavation.

Trusted Land Grading Contractors in Central Texas

Grading is a complex process that requires precision and accuracy. It needs an experienced and proficient team to finish the work correctly the first time. Shilling Excavation has a team of highly qualified land-grading contractors ready to meet your needs.

Land grading services down pat. Sufficient experience working with heavy-duty grading machinery. Reliable and trustworthy. Accurate quotes and honest recommendations.

Before starting work on your construction project, hire the team at Shilling Excavation for land grading. We are trusted, local excavation services and land grading company in Central Texas, ready to meet all your grading requirements and exceed your expectations.
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Don’t Overlook Land Grading

There are numerous factors at play when it comes to any construction project. Don’t get overwhelmed and let land grading fall on your priority list. An improperly graded land can result in several issues down the road:


With the weather increasingly unpredictable, ensuring your property has a good drainage system is vital.

During heavy rainfall, excessive rainwater might accumulate around your building foundation, leading to erosion and severe damage. On top of that, you risk flooding the inside of your property.

Also, standing water can damage garden landscaping, provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, cause an unpleasant odor, and allow mold growth. It can also damage the foundation of your property – letting water seep into the building.

Our land grading team guarantees precise grading work – so water will drain away from the property instead of towards it or remaining stagnant. Another vital thing to ensure is water flow to avoid the neighboring lots.

Don't hesitate to contact us for professional land grading for drainage and other grading needs. We have worked on various land grading projects and would love to lend our expertise to your next construction project.


If you plan to build a ranch, farm, or develop your land for gardening, ignoring the land grading process can lead to your plants and other vegetation washing down the storm drain. 

Aside from that, if the soil gets consistently logged with water, it’ll affect the health of the land and prevent you from taking full advantage of your property.

Plan for proper land grading with Shilling Excavation, so you won’t have to deal with this issue. With our professional farm grading and ranch grading services, we can and get your land suitable and ready for planting.

Plan and Prioritize Land Grading for Effective Results

Let Shilling Excavation Help You

We have experienced and highly trained crew members who do land grading. Expect a prompt, friendly, and reliable service when you hire Shilling Excavation.

• Sharp surveying of the property.
• Site preparation that meets codes and regulations.
• Ensure safety throughout the project

Let us know what your project specifications are, and we will bring our invaluable expertise and experience. Our excavation and land grading contractors are at the ready to work on your project.

Keep Your Property in Tiptop Order with Accurate Land Grading

Construction on your site can’t begin if the ground is uneven. With our safe and effective land grading services, we can create a smooth and even land you can build on.

We have the finest and top-quality equipment and know-how to ensure that there are no undesirable gradient variations throughout the property. Our professional land grading team can prepare the property based on your specifications – providing a properly leveled surface for building foundations.

With an adequately graded land, you can finally greenlight construction on your property and transform it into the functional space you have envisioned it to be.

parking lot grading

Elite parking lot grading services that pass accessibility laws and state requirements and allow for proper drainage.

At Shilling Excavation, we can help recommend and execute an efficient park lot grading plan. When grading a parking lot, we have the expertise, experience, and machinery necessary to complete the job successfully.

If your construction project involves developing a parking lot, we can ensure that the lot is accurately graded. Detailed parking lot grading hinders standing water issues, the culprit behind most pavement problems.

Our team knows how to properly ensure that the subgrade meets the elevation requirements to create a sturdy, well-packed, and uniform surface.

Let us know about your parking lot plans, and we’ll gladly offer our grading services. Call us today to get a free land grading project estimate.

final grading and landscaping

Precise final grading. Elimination of water accumulation. Proper water flow. Healthy grass, trees, and plant growth. 

Get the most out of your property with final grading and landscaping services from Shilling Excavation.

If you need final grading and landscaping for your property, call the experts at Shilling Excavation. 

Final grading requires proper precision when forming the finished elevation and contour of the ground for the best landscape conditions.

Our team has extensive final grading skills and experience. We also have top-of-the-line absolute grading equipment to remove extra debris and rocks from the seedbed and create a smooth and even finish.

Let us prepare your land for a hydroseed bed, sod base, or whatever plans you have. Turn your land into what you’ve always envisioned it to be with our final grading and landscaping professional services.

We can’t wait to start your final grading and landscaping project.

Soil and Gravel Grading Contractors

We offer safe and efficient solutions to all your site preparation needs – from land clearing services to land grading for drainage, final grading, landscape installations, and more.

All our grading projects are meticulously executed – paying close attention to proper drainage management.
Hire our experienced soil and gravel grading contractors today so you don’t have to worry about future grading issues.

We conduct a proper assessment of the type of soil and the slope of your property, recommend the best course of action and execute the grading plan safely and efficiently.
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Gravel Services for Commercial and Residential Properties

A gravel surface is a popular choice for property owners. When you need gravel grading contractors for your residential or commercial property, call Shilling Excavation. Some of our gravel services include:

• Creating driveways, private roads, or parking lots
• Removing old asphalt and installing a new gravel path
• Grading and leveling existing gravel surfaces
• Building ramps or creating footpaths
• Plus so much more!

Proper Drainage for Gravel Surfaces

Our contractors have the know-how and equipment to address potential drainage issues while completing gravel grading work. Call us to discuss your project.

New Construction Grading and New Construction Ground Leveling

Venturing in a new construction project is both an exciting opportunity and an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful and daunting when you work with the new construction grading experts from Shilling Excavation.

Preparation is key. Get your new construction project started right with the Shilling Excavation crew. Give us a call to discuss your project requirements, and get a free estimate.
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Shaping Your Property for Safe and Efficient Building

Land grading is shaping your property to prepare it for development. At Shilling Excavation, we do proper ground leveling to create a site-specific slope that will serve as a solid base for your new construction project.

Precisely leveled property that meets city code and requirements. A drainage system that allows for proper water flow. Protecting your foundation for years to come.

During the land grading process, the site is shaped to make way for concrete pouring – filling the spaces that connect the ground and your foundation walls.

That’s why starting your new construction project with accurate land grading from Shilling Excavation is essential.

We Strive to Meet Deadlines

When it comes to a construction project, time is vital. We make every effort to meet deadlines or be ahead of schedule – while ensuring that our work exceeds our client’s expectations.

Grading is a highly essential process. It requires complete precision and expertise from experienced professionals. 

Our grading process ensures the prevention of water infiltration from negatively affecting the integrity of your foundation. 

With our services, you can avoid issues such as swampy lawns, cracked, or leaking foundations.

Every project is unique, and every property has its own specific requirements. While some projects’ land grading process moves along quickly, others may take more time due to the following factors:

• Weather delays
• Adjacent constructions
• Grading touch-ups
• Additional building of parking lots, fencing, etc.
• Breakdown of construction equipment

We have a team of professionals who value hard work, prompt service, and 100% customer satisfaction. 

We always maintain an honest and transparent working relationship with all our clients – keeping them updated during all project stages.

Shilling Excavation is ready to get your new construction grading and new construction ground leveling done using our extensive knowledge, top-of-the-line equipment, and customer-focused service.
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Residential Grading Services

Establish the ideal grade for your home. Allow for proper water drainage. Eliminate soil erosion issues. Prevent foundation problems. 

Hire the professional, reliable, and experienced grading crew at Shilling Excavation. Our top-notch residential grading services include:

• Complete inspection of your land
• Comprehensive land clearing
• Precise land grading for proper drainage
• Minimizing erosion issues
• And more!

Every home is different. We offer tailor-made residential grading services to ensure your property gets the grading solutions it needs.

With a highly trained and experienced staff, we utilize the industry's best grading equipment and machinery for fast, safe, and efficient land grading services.

Ground Leveling

Ground leveling is needed in other construction areas that require a perfectly level base, such as driveways, paths, landscaping, etc.

From land grading to ground leveling, we have got you covered. Whether it’s a simple leveling adjustment or a more elaborate grading project for your residential or commercial property, our team has extensive experience and high-quality machinery to do all kinds of ground leveling and land grading work.

If you need ground leveling done for your project, call us at Shilling Excavation. We’ll do a detail-oriented evaluation and inspection of your site and offer our expert recommendations.

Let us turn your uneven ground into a perfectly leveled site.

Shilling Excavation - Premier land grading services

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