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Let Shilling excavation Help Your Construction Project Kick-Off to An Excellent Start

When starting construction, how well you prepare the site will define the entire project.
Preparing your site is the first step to a ensure smooth and safe construction project. Shilling Excavation is a full-service building site preparation company committed to meeting all your site prep needs. 

Our experienced and reliable team will make your construction site ready for building. Call us today to discuss your building site preparation needs and get a free estimate.

Delivering Efficient Building Site Prep Services since 1992

As a property owner, you invest your hard-earned money to ensure a sturdy and well-constructed site – and it all starts with proper building site preparation. Let us know what your building site prep needs are. We are ready to offer our expert services and solutions.

Professional and Efficient Land Clearing Services

Our crew members are passionate about taking on challenging projects – and always working hard to accomplish them. We use our expertise and experience to make every project a success and exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn. If you’re looking for professional and efficient land clearing and excavation services in Central Texas, work with Shilling Excavation today.

Since 1992, we have been taking on many different projects – commercial or residential. We specialize in commercial projects for businesses in our area.

Our experience and expertise in the field make us a premium site preparation company in Central Texas.
If you have specific commercial site prep needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our commercial building site work experts are equipped with the know-how and experience to provide solutions to your commercial building site preparation needs. 

We offer:
  • Building Site Excavation
  • New Construction Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot Clearing
  • Parking Lot Preparation
  • New Construction Building Sites
  • New Construction Site Preparation
  • Commercial Building Pads
  • Building Pad Excavation
  • Pad Leveling
  • Pad Excavation
  • Pad Footing Excavation
  • Pad Foundation Excavation
  • And so much more!
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Safe. Efficient. Hassle-free Construction.

Hire the Shilling Excavation Team

Since we started in 1992, we take great pride in performing every project with professionalism and efficiency – from start to finish. Our team of experienced and highly trained contractors has been providing exceptional work for almost three decades.

Meeting the Needs of Our Clients

At Shilling Excavation, each project is a unique challenge we are prepared to conquer. We believe in providing personalized service and crafting tailor-made solutions to perfectly fit the proper site preparation needs of every client.

Understanding that each project comes with unique requirements, our extensive industry experience gives us the knowledge and versatility to address site conditions specific to each project.

Our highest priority is the safety of our construction crew and ensuring each project's success. All projects are handled with safety as our main priority. We ensure compliance with industry safety standards and regulations.

We take every detail of building site preparation into consideration. This allows us to ensure every aspect of the site prep process is smooth sailing all the way.

You can trust our commercial excavation contractor team to deliver high-quality work and make your construction dream project a reality. Their experience and expertise in proper site preparation lay the foundation for a successful construction project.

We offer competitive commercial excavation prices.

Commercial Site Preparation

Whether your project calls for the meticulous planning of a commercial development, an ambitious housing project, or any other construction endeavor, your journey starts with comprehensive site preparation process. At Shilling Excavation, our promise is to carry out the task to your full satisfaction.

At Shilling Excavation, we offer premium land clearing services in Central Texas for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.

Choosing Shilling Excavation means you're partnering with a team that is well-versed in navigating the complexities of the site preparation process for building construction. We are here to help you lay the groundwork for your dream project, simplifying the process while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Safe. Efficient. Affordable.

Make Your Business Site a Functional and Thriving Location

Start your construction project with efficient, well-organized building site prep services from Shilling Excavation.
Our expert team specializes in commercial projects for businesses in Central Texas. Look to our excavation and dirt work services to prepare your location for new builds.

Transform a Bare Site into a prime Location for Your Business

Have a neglected or overrun site? We can turn it into a premium location for your business to operate and thrive.
We work closely with locally owned businesses and large corporations to transform their business locations into a successful and booming site.

We don't simply remove existing structures and clear the area. We go beyond enhancing the value of your location by addressing all your dirt work and ground-leveling issues. Our proficient crew is equipped to handle construction work efficiently, preparing the terrain for your enterprise.

At Shilling Excavation, we are your professional and efficient crew to solve all your dirt work and ground-leveling issues.
Learn more about our commercial work preparation services. Our team is available to answer your questions.
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New Construction Parking Lots

Need a Parking Lot Site Development Contractor?

Before you do paving for your new construction parking lot, you have to make sure the site is prepped correctly first.

At Shilling Excavation, we know that the site prep process is a crucial first step to any construction project – and that includes parking lot developments.

To get your site ready for functional new construction parking lots, hire the expert crew at Shilling Excavation.

Soil testing

The subgrade soil must be strong enough to support the parking lot as well as the construction machinery that will be used to pave it.

Part of our parking lot preparation services is proper removal of any low-quality type of soil and assurance that the subgrade soil is sufficient

Parking Lot Clearing

Another important aspect of our parking lot preparation services. Efficient and prompt clearing of all rocks, dirt, plants, debris, and other obstacles.

Expert removal and clearing of anything that could damage your subgrade soil. 

We’ll also ensure that the subgrade soil is graded, so it’s adequately leveled for parking lot development.

Proper Drainage Planning

Any endeavor in the realm of site development, such as building a parking lot, requires comprehensive drainage planning. Ensuring your project has a clear and robust strategy for managing groundwater becomes crucial, particularly during the rainy season, to maintain dry subgrade soil.

The utilization of septic tanks can be part of an efficient drainage plan, which is a vital aspect of your parking lot preparation. This not only aids in maintaining the integrity of your parking site but also significantly prevents future damage.

Work with an Experienced Parking Lot Clearing Crew

Whatever your parking lot preparation needs are, Shilling Excavation is here to offer professional services and solutions.
Get in touch with us today to discuss your construction project.
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New Construction Site Preparation

Durable. comprehensive. High-Quality Site Preparation Services.

Work with the new construction site preparation experts at Shilling Excavation. Before you start your new construction project, you need to ensure that your site is ready for development. Taking the correct steps to prepare your site ahead of time is key to the success of your new construction project.

Proficient Assessment of Your Construction Site

As experts in new construction site preparation, our team expertly assess your site’s surface and subsurface conditions. This intensive site investigation is the foundation for successful construction projects.

We dedicate ourselves to gauging the present state of your underground infrastructures with meticulous attention to detail. Our assessment spans from understanding the required excavation volume and determining the ideal foundation based on comprehensive geotechnical reports to preparing for the right amount of land grading essential for an effective drainage system. This helps us ensure that no drop of water dares to enter your building.

Our experts also focus on optimizing site access points, a critical element often overlooked in construction activities. This ensures smooth ingress and egress for workers, equipment, and materials throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Working with Great Accuracy

Shilling Excavation is a premier excavation and land clearing company. When you need new construction building sites services, you can count on our experienced and friendly crew to provide the expertise you need.

With the incorporation of top-notch site surveying methods, we ensure an in-depth understanding of your land’s characteristics. This understanding goes beyond mere measurements, mapping the future path of your project with precision and helping to mitigate any possible challenges that might crop up during the construction process.

Our commitment to accurate work allows us to deliver high-quality, prompt, and reliable service to all our clients – no matter the scale of the project.

Let Us Help You with your Building site preparation

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Commercial Building Site Preparation

Are you ready to begin your commercial building project? Before you do anything, you need to make sure the site is fully prepared for development before any construction begins.

delivering services to the highest standard

Choose the Best. Choose Shilling Excavation.

Site prep is a crucial first step to any construction project. At Shilling Excavation, we take great pride in the work that we do. We always ensure that every project is fully prepped and ready for the next stage of the construction process.

Our team delivers premium building site preparation services to the highest standard. We strive to ensure that your construction project progresses without a hitch within the preferred timeframe and budget.

proficient in all aspects of commercial building site prep work

If you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy site prep company for your next commercial building project, we are your crew.

Site safety. Attention to detail. Comprehensive work. We will take care of all the essential aspects of your commercial building site preparation project.

Shilling Excavation has been providing a wide range of excavation, land clearing, and site preparation services to Central Texas since 1992.

We understand every project and site is unique. If you have specific site prep, land clearing, or excavation requirements, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and offer our professional solutions.

Here are some of the site prep services we offer.

Site Clearing

Our highly trained and experienced team is proficient in removing all traces of debris, stones, vegetation, and other obstructions using the right equipment from your site. We guarantee a clean, obstruction-free work site, so your construction project gets an excellent start.

Foundation Excavation

Safe and efficient foundation excavation to remove old foundations so you can start anew.


You need a leveled and even site free from any obstructions before you start your project. We can assist in ground leveling and compacting the site for a fully flat and stable construction surface.

Earthmoving Services

If you need earthmoving services, we’re here to help. We offer prompt, safe, and efficient earthmoving tasks from or to your construction site.


At the heart of Shilling Excavation's operations, our heavy equipment plays a pivotal role. With our well-rounded understanding of the industry and extensive experience, we manage a diverse and top-of-the-line fleet of site prep tools. This range of equipment, featuring machinery such as backhoes and bulldozers, offers exceptional versatility and efficiency across construction projects of all scales.

Shilling Excavation guarantees a professional, timely, and disturbance-free service. We are dedicated to meeting your site preparation needs within the desired schedule and to your exact specifications.

Trench Digging Services

We offer efficient trench digging assistance for your sewer line, water mains, or building foundation.

Quality Results at Competitive Commercial Excavation Prices

High-quality results at competitive prices. Solutions that exceed expectations. Completing the work within the time frame.

Shilling Excavation is your trusted excavation, land clearing, and commercial building site preparation team.
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Commercial Site Prep Pros

Providing Professional, Reliable, and Top-Rated Service

At Shilling Excavation, we'll remove the stress and hassle from your commercial site prep project, ensuring top-notch landscaping, strict compliance with zoning regulations, precise elevations, and accessible access roads. This comprehensive service frees you up to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

Why Hire Shilling Excavation?

We Work Hard for You.

Our goal is simple: Work hard to complete your project to the highest standards. When you hire our services, we guarantee you peace of mind as we tackle the work. Take advantage of our team’s expertise, experience, excellent machinery, and professional site prep guidance.

Work with highly trained and reliable Shilling Excavation team members who are experts in the field. As a trusted local business, we have your best interests at the foundation of our service.

Proper Assessment of Your Land

To ensure that we’re utilizing the best land clearing techniques for your ranch or farm, our expert team will conduct an on-site inspection of your property and offer a free estimate.

We’ll take precise measurements and survey your property. We’ll then give our honest and expert recommendations on the full extent of the job before we do any work. 

Quality services at a competitive rate – that’s our guarantee. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend the right clearing methods and equipment to use to utilize your land properly.

Customized Services and Solutions for Every Project

Shilling Excavation will provide you with customized solutions to meet your specific commercial site prep needs. We make sure to keep our clients in the loop on every stage of the project.

Partnering with Shilling Excavation means that your budget is met, your timetable is followed, your expectations exceeded, and your visions realized. Call us today to discuss your project.

Customer Satisfaction Is What We Aim For

We'll work with you to build a premium commercial building. Customer satisfaction has always been our primary objective. We look forward to partnering with you.
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Commercial Building Pads

Shilling Excavation provides commercial building pads installation that meet industry standards and exceed our clients’ expectations.


One of the most integral steps in commercial development is the construction of building pads. 

A pad is raised section of the ground where the foundation will lay. Created during the earthwork part of the project, the building pad is a vital component to ensure a safe, stable, and sturdy structure.

Since 1992, the Shilling Excavation has served commercial clients throughout the Central Texas area. With any building – residential or commercial – the essential component is the pad – or the foundation. 

Our experienced crew ensures that the soul your commercial building sits on is strong and stable enough for the foundation to sit on.

At Shilling Excavation, we do commercial building pads the way it should be done – and we do it right the first time.

Take advantage of our expertise in commercial building pad installation. When we’re done with the project, you can confidently move on to the next step of your commercial development – so you can quickly turn your site into a thriving commercial location for your business.


Accuracy and expertise play important roles in the building site preparation and development process. As trusted contractors since 1992, our site prep process includes:

  • Making sure the site area does not shift.
  • Leveling and raising the ground to keep water away from the collecting around or going in your building.
  • Removing all stumps, rocks, vegetation, root balls, and other obstructions under the building pad. Stumps and vegetation will decompose over time and damage the foundation.
  • Properly shaping the topsoil to allow for an even taper around the site of the building pad. The taper ensures water does not go around the building.


We create tailor-made commercial building pads solutions and residential building site preparation depending on our clients' specific project needs.
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Building Pad Excavation

Quality Building Pad Excavation Services

If you’ve procured a tract of land for commercial development, let us help you get the project started right. Use our expertise in building pad excavation to your advantage as you venture on your site development.

When breaking open the ground to start laying your foundation, you’ll never know what you’re going to find. We’re here to provide safe, efficient, and prompt building pad excavation services to prepare your site for building.

Reputable Building Pad Excavators

Employ the services of reputable building pad excavators in Central Texas. 

Since 1992, we have been providing quality excavation, land clearing, dirt work, and site preparation and development services to our clients.

The expert team at Shilling Excavation will work with you to achieve your project's site prep objectives. In every project, we always ensure safe, efficient, and prompt excavation measures.

Skillful Site Assessment

We’ll properly assess your site to determine the extent of the excavation pad foundation it needs. 

From testing the strength of the sub-soil to checking for electricity cables or sewer line systems in the ground, we’ll recommend the right course of action based on our findings.

This way, you can avoid any unnecessary delays as you move along in the construction project.

Pad Excavation Procedures

We have a fleet of top-of-the-line machinery for all our excavation of pad foundation projects. You can trust our expertise and experience in the industry to perform efficient pad excavation procedures to kick off your construction development.

Pad Footing Excavation

Depending on your project requirements, pad foundations can either be circular, rectangular, or square in shape. If the pad is expected to bear a heavily loaded building, the pad footing is stepped.

To determine your project’s specific excavation for pad footing needs, your engineer must do a comprehensive assessment of the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Subsurface condition
  • Extent of the load
  • Distance of other structures
  • Water depth

Proper Excavation of Pad Foundation

As a trusted local and family-owned excavation business, we take pride in delivering effective and reliable services to all our clients.

When it comes to pad foundation excavation, the success of the project lies in the hands of an experienced contractor. At Shilling Excavation, we live and breathe excavation, site development, and land clearing.

Take advantage of our professional services, and we’ll guarantee that your construction project is off to a fantastic start.

Systematic Site Clearance

Before we set out for pad foundation excavation, we conduct a thorough clearing of brushwood, vegetation, stumps, and other obstacles. We remove the roots up to a certain length below the foundation level. We then fill up the pits with soil and compact them.

Pad Leveling

If you need pad leveling services, hire the professionals at Shilling Excavation. We’ll ensure that the foundation your will built your structure upon is perfectly placed, well-crafted, and leveled.

The type of foundation you plan to have will dictate your pad leveling requirements. No matter what it is, we have one goal: to give you an accurately leveled foundation.
Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your building site preparation needs. Let the experienced and highly trained professionals at Shilling Excavation meet all your building site preparation needs.

Shilling excavation -  The Premier Choice for building site preparation

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