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Every Project Comes with Its Own Unique Challenges

Founded in 1992, Shilling Excavation has been providing professional excavation services to Central Texas property owners. Discuss your project requirements with us today and get a free estimate.

Topography challenges requiring specific excavation work. Working with a limited budget. Special land management requirements. Whatever your excavation needs are, we’ll work with you to complete your project.

Solid Foundation of Experience, Professionalism, and Outstanding Customer Service

We take pride in maintaining the good name we have established since 1992. We respect your time and value you as a client, so we strive to complete every project in an efficient and timely manner.

Doing excavation work is more than just renting an excavating machine. If you want professional excavation and land clearing work done right, hire expert excavation contractors from Shilling Excavation.

Roads and Driveways Services:

When you hire our team of excavation professionals, you get:

  • Groundbreaking and effective solutions that address not just ordinary digging and excavation challenges but also those concerning underground utilities. We’ve been doing this since 1992.
  • Evaluation of soil composition testing. 
  • Expert knowledge on how to treat the soil for an easier dig.
  • Equipped with top-of-the-line excavation equipment and specialty machinery to complete the job efficiently.
  • Proper cleanup and soil removal.
  • Our expertise also lies in executing the dig in accordance with the natural surroundings and existing structures, if any. Whether for road construction, driveway installation, or any other site development work, we respect and preserve the area's environmental integrity.
  • Expert insight to avoid potential issues with the depth or scope of your digging project.

Excavation work Done Safely, Accurately, and to Your Specifications.

Professionalism. Onsite Safety. Excellence. 

That’s the guarantee with residential or commercial digging and excavation services from Shilling Excavation.
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High-Quality Service. Years of Experience. A Dedicated Crew.

A full-service land clearing, digging, and excavation company for your residential or commercial property.

Unbeatable services. Top-notch customer service. We go the extra mile for our clients, and we are confident in every project we do.

Proud to serve Central Texas with local digging, excavation, and land clearing services: Shilling Excavation.

Lake Digging

Whether you want a 20-acre lake or a small pond, we have the top-of-the-line equipment, decades-long expertise, and committed crew to complete your lake digging project.

Expert Assessment of Your Land

Trust our team to give you expert advice on how to develop your land for lake or pond construction.

  • We’ll check the condition of the soil.
  • We’ll assess the elevation of the land.
  • We’ll recommend the appropriate width and depth measurements of the lake or pond.
  • We’ll utilize the right pond or lake digging methods.

Make Your Property More Beautiful and Calming with a Pond or Lake

Elevate the look of your property with a beautiful pond or lake. Here are some of the other reasons why many landowners choose to dig a lake or pond in their property.

• To attract wildlife.
• To start a fishing pond.
• To create a watering hole for livestock.
• To move the dirt to fill in low areas within the property.
• To build a house pad.
• To remedy a low area that is prone to holding water.
• To increase the value of your land or property.
• To spend time out in nature.

Whatever your goal is with the lake or pond of your dreams in your property, we’ll strive to make it happen.

Pad Preparation

Our grading contractors provide ample space through top-quality excavating services to properly lay residential or commercial pads.

Accurate pad dimensions. Proper elevation. Sufficient backfilling trenches to ensure that the property has a lasting foundation with minimal settling.

When it comes to pad digging, we know how to do it right. Let us evaluate your needs and create a pad digging plan that works for your property.

Pad Digging

Precise Pad Digging Work from Professionals
With any building – commercial or residential, the most vital things are its pad or foundation.

Due to its importance in the construction process, we put great pride and value to our pad work services. Diligent dirt work. Skillful removal of the topsoil layer. Superior sub-grade preparation. Precise placement of a durable and robust base for the slab.

Expect a well-set foundation for your property when you hire our experienced pad digging crew.

Farm Digging

Committed to Bring You Expert Ranch and Farm Digging Services
As Texas natives, we love working with ranches and farms. Shilling Excavation is the trusted ranch and land management excavators in Central Texas.

Professional Farm Digging Ensures Accurate Work

When you hire our professional excavating and farm digging services, we will help you come up with an effective plan to resolve your farming issues.

Our experienced team has a comprehensive understanding of the safety guidelines when it comes to conducting excavation processes and operating excavating machinery.

Ranch Digging

Dependable Ranch Management Services Since 1992. Skillful Ranch Excavation and Land Management

At Shilling Excavation, we are committed to safety and efficiency - providing farm and ranch development services since 1992.

As experts at ranch projects, we can help you with a land management project you have for your ranch.
We’ll do an on-site inspection, discuss your specific needs and vision for your property, and ensure proper execution to make this vision come to life.

Fence row clearing, lakes, roads – whatever your ranch needs are, we’re your ranch management team.

Safety and Efficiency Guaranteed

When it comes to any digging projects, safety and efficiency are imperative. As excavation experts, we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure that all our digging projects follow all Texas safety guidelines on excavation.

Expert road building. Lake and pond digging. Earthen dam renovations. Tank cleanouts. Stump removal. Land grading. Brush and tree clearing. House pad work. Whatever your farm and ranch digging needs are, our crew is available to help.

Let Us Help You Get Started

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Fishing Lake Digging

Experienced Fishing Lake Digging Contractors Building the Pond of Your Dreams

You already have a gorgeous home location, an ample amount of land, and unbeatable views – what else is missing to make rural living nearly perfect?

A well-designed and functional fishing lake. Whether you want multiple acres or one-half acre pond, call on the experts at Shilling Excavation to get started on your fishing lake digging project.


What makes rural living nearly perfect and idyllic?

A well-designed and functional fishing lake.

Whether you want multiple acres or one-half acre pond, call on the experts at Shilling Excavation to get started on your fishing lake digging project.

Fishing Lake Digging Is More Than Just Digging a Hole and Filling it with Water

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Building a Pond Takes Expertise

As professionals, we at Shilling Excavation draw on our years of knowledge and experience to make sure that every project goes to plan. With our fishing lake projects, we pull out all the stops to build a productive pond or lake that will last for years.

No wetlands will be disturbed during the project. We’ll keep your property and community safe downstream. Building a pond takes expertise and a high level of commitment – and that’s what we deliver to every project.

Pond construction entails more than just renting a backhoe and digging a hole. You need help from pond construction professionals for:

  • Proper planning.
  • Utilizing the right machinery and equipment.
  • Managing all excavated materials.
  • Constructing supplementary drainage and other landscaping requirements.
  • Removal of dirt.

Superb Pond Excavation Showcasing Style and Function for Years to Come

Outstanding lake excavation services from our team will look good and work even better on the outside and inside.
Remarkably structured to make way for adequate drainage and filter systems, utility depressions, cleanout pits, and planting pockets. Ensuring all systems are working seamlessly.

As we work on your project, we’ll make sure to get a full understanding of your property to include future adjustments (if needed) and maintenance should any issues occur.

Visualize how you want your fishing lake to look and what you want to get out of it. We’ll work hard to make sure your vision comes to life.

Stock Tank Digging

Stock Tank Digging Contractors Ready to Take on Your Project

Fresh air. Less traffic. Wide open spaces. Make your farm and ranch living exceptional and functional with Shilling Excavation's stock tank digging services. 

Call us today to discuss your project and get your free estimate.

Expertly Built Stock Tank in Your Ranch

For ranchers, having a well-constructed stock tank is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Especially in drought-prone regions like Texas, these structures offer vital hydration solutions for livestock. At Shilling Excavation, our proficient team stands ready to handle this crucial farmland engineering project. Our footings are expertly excavated, ensuring a sturdy and durable base for your stock tank.

Stock tank digging is more than just choosing a spot and digging a hole. And since every property is different, building the stock tank will vary and will require a high level of proficiency.

We rely on top-grade machinery to streamline the construction process. Our fleet includes high-performance loaders, perfect for moving large volumes of earth quickly and efficiently.

If you want your stock tank done right, hire our experienced stock tank digging contractors.
As experienced pond management professionals, we have years of expertise with a stock tank or pond construction. And when taking on stock pond projects, experience does matter.


  • Determining the purpose of the stock tank – is it for watering large herds, supplying a garden or a barn, stocking it with fish, etc.
  • Picking the perfect spot for the stock tank.
  • Finding sufficient water source and supply.
  • Staking off the prospective area for the tank.
  • Finding borrow areas where you may need to get more dirt to construct the dam.
  • Evaluating the soil.


  • Removal of heavy brush, tree stumps, and roots from the stock pond site and borrow areas.
  • Clearing the pond basin.
  • Removal of topsoil and saving it for building the dam.

Dam Building

  • Indicating the dam site as well as the spillway.
  • Trench digging with proper specifications.
  • Completing any necessary piping or rapid draining work.
  • Building the dam – moving the soil from the borrow area or the stockpile to the tank site.

Stock Tank Digging Contractors Ready to Take on Your Project

Committed and experienced contractors with top-of-the-line equipment. Call the professionals at Shilling Excavation.
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Digger Services

Providing practical and effective solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural projects, Shilling Excavation experts are the ones to call when you need professional and reliable earthmoving services.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Our digger services team is ready to meet all your site work and excavation requirements.

Premier Services

We are proud to serve Central Texas homeowners, business owners, ranchers, property developers – and anyone who requires our services.

Safety and efficiency are the foundation of our work. With fully experienced and professional contractors, we provide premier earthmoving services with the latest machinery.

We are proud to serve Central Texas property owners since 1992. If you need digger services or require something more than our standard services, please reach out to us. When your construction project needs digger services, our expert crew will be happy to discuss your project and get started on the job.
• Commercial and residential pads
• Tank sealing/bentonite
• Re-claying ponds
• Erosion control
• Pond sealing and digging
• Lake sealing and digging
• Tank sealing and digging
• Dirt work
• Soil moving
• Pad drainage
• Stock tank sealing digging
• Gravel driveways
• Road construction
• Ranch management
• Any other digger services you may need

Dirt Work

First-Class Dirt Work Services by Experienced Professionals

Customized services to meet every project’s individual needs. We understand every project and application has unique needs and challenges – so we pay close attention to the details of every project to ensure we’re giving first-class services.

Our Skillful Dirt Contractors Handling the Dirty Work – So You Don’t Have To

Whether you’re building a road or driveway or you need pond construction, our skillful and diligent dirt work contractors can complete the prep work for your project. Some of our dirt work services include:

• Driveway construction
• House pad work
• Road construction
• Pond installation
• Grading
• Trench digging
• Land clearing
• And more
Shilling Excavation has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to take on any dirt work construction projects. We have a team of capable professionals to meet your dirt work needs – safely and effectively. Call us today for a free estimate.

Unbeatable Services

As dirt contractors, Shilling Excavation offers a wide range of land grading and earthmoving services. Our fleet of top-quality dirt work equipment can tackle any construction project.

Our dirt work services entail reviewing your construction needs and land specifications. We also offer site cleanup as part of our unmatched services.

Our Expert and Reliable Crew Can Take Away Your Dirt Work Distress

We’re ready to discuss your project and offer expert solutions. Preparing your site for construction. House pad creation. Any other fill-in services. Talk to us about your dirt work needs.

Don’t settle for average dirt work services. When you need excavation or dirt work services, make Shilling Excavation your first choice.
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Soil Moving

Safe and Efficient Dirt Moving from Shilling Excavation

Although it may sound simple and straightforward, hauling soil requires careful planning and skillful execution – two things we pride ourselves with at Shilling Excavation.

If you need a soil moving professional contractors for your construction project, our soil hauling crew can fulfill your requirements.

Top-of-the-Line Dirt Moving Gear and Equipment

To complete our soil moving work, our team is equipped with proper protective gear and top-the-line equipment. 

Prioritizing safety above everything so we can successfully handle our clients’ soil moving projects.

If you’re in the market for a prompt, professional, and reliable soil moving company, please get in touch with us. We’ve been providing excavation and building site preparation services in Central Texas since 1992.

Earth Moving Services

At Shilling Excavation, we offer professional earthmoving services to our residential, commercial, rural, and agricultural clients.

Central Texas’ leading earthmoving service providers since 1992. We are committed to delivering above standard service and safety.

With our experience and excellent track record, we strive to get the job done the first time.

Our Offerings:

Our trusted earthmoving services include, but are not limited to:

• Dam building
• Tank digging
• Trench digging
• Lake digging
• Pond digging
• Erosion and sediment control
• Re-vegetation
• Plus so much more!

Taking Pride in Our Crew’s Integrity, Experience, Honesty, and Work Ethic

We take great pride in our crew’s skills, efficiency, and professionalism. To ensure that we carry out the work correctly and right on schedule, our experts are highly skilled and experienced in operating top-of-the-line earthmoving fleet.

Tackling all the jobs effectively. Delivering quality results. Providing effective earthmoving solutions. Start your project with Shilling Excavation.
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Bulldozer Work

Efficient Work Carried Out by Professionals

If you have plans to develop your land, you need professional help to get your site ready for the project. Shilling Excavation is a reputable local business offering top-rated dozer work services for Central Texas.

Dozer Work Expertise. High-Quality Machinery. Indomitable Experience.

All our bulldozer work for land clearing and site preparation are completed by specialized machinery operated by our experienced professionals.

We can do the work and get in and get out – safely and reliably, so you can continue with your project without any delay.

Trust our expertise to ensure that your project is right on track. Work with our highly-trained and experienced crew.

Land Clearing

Proficient removal of all obstacles to get the land ready for construction is at the core of our expertise. Since 1992, we have been catering to residential excavation, commercial, and agricultural land clearing requirements in Central Texas and the surrounding area.

No matter how complex the task is – we’re eager to meet your land clearing needs with our bulldozer expertise.

Site Preparation

With our site preparation services, you can confidently lay out a good foundation (pun intended) for your construction.

Skilled and friendly project managers and crew using the latest equipment – our site preparation work will get your construction project off to a good start.

For all your bulldozer work, excavation, and land clearing needs, please reach out to us. Our team is keen to discuss your next project.

Scraper Work

Quick and Efficient Scraping Services

Move aggregates, dirt, and soil quickly and efficiently with our scraper work services. Larger scrapers. Pull scrapers. Whatever your scraping system needs are, we can help you.
© John Welsh. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

certified scraper operators with first-hand scraper work experience

Capable to Move, Haul, and Grade Earth – Quickly and Efficiently

Proper use of scrapers requires solid and substantial experience. Since 1992, Shilling Excavation has been Central Texas’ premier provider of excavating and lot clearing services using special and top-of-the-line machinery.

Our reliable and trustworthy crew consists of highly trained contractors with skills and experience to operate scrapers. Need digging or land leveling services? To get the job done correctly, look to the expertise of the Shilling Excavation team.
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Stock Tank Sealing

Efficient water source for your livestock and vegetation. Increased value for your land. Lovely addition to your country living. If you’re planning to add a stock tank to your property, you need to ensure it’s done correctly.

Providing Exceptional Services Since 1992

Shilling Excavation has been providing excavation and land and ranch management since 1992. Unmatched experience that taught our team to conduct careful planning and effective execution on all our projects.

Lengthen the Life of Your Tank with Proper Stock Tank Sealing

Setting up a stock tank entails more than just digging a hole and filling it up with water. With our professional services, we’ll ensure that you can enjoy a well-built and sealed stock tank for years to come. For all your stock tank sealing needs, please reach out to us.
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Ranch Tank Sealing

Efficient Work Carried Out by Professionals

At Shilling Excavation, we approach every project with comprehensive planning and effective execution – ranch tank sealing and other water-related land management projects are no different.

In Texas, stock tanks are a key component in any ranch or farmland. Providing water to livestock, crops, and people. Serving as a habitat for wildlife. Adding a distinct appeal to your land. Offering recreational activities such as boating or water skiing.

To ensure that you have a fully functional body of water in your property, look to our ranch tank sealing services.
Comprehensive examination of the land. Ensuring a stable water level. Adding your preferred landscaping. Ranch tank sealing to guarantee everything is in good working order.

Whatever your ranch tank visions are, we’ll strive to make them happen – giving you the perfect rural Texan living.
We’re keen to get started on your ranch management project. Get in touch with our crew today.
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Farm Excavation

Dedicated and Highly Skilled Farm Excavators

As true-blue Texans, we’re passionate about ranch and farm work. When you hire our farm excavation services, you’re getting superior services like no other.

Whether you need to fix erosion issues, build a stock tank, or build livestock houses – your property can benefit from our professional services. Some of the farm excavation work we offer are:

• Land clearing
• Sub-grading according to your site specifications
• Topsoil stripping
• Earthmoving
• Site preparation
• Prep work for driveways
• Erosion control
• Stock tank
• Trench prep and digging
• And so much more
If you have specific farm excavation needs, our team is eager to discuss them with you. We welcome a challenge, and we’ll be happy to do the job for you.

Complex Farm Excavation Requires Experienced Professionals

Farm excavation can get complex. Don’t risk damaging or hitting underground hazardous liquid, electric, or gas lines. Hire the professionals at Shilling Excavation to do the work for you.

Safe and Effective Farm Excavation – Our Top Responsibility

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Ranch Excavation

As experts in ranch management since 1992, we have the know-how and experience to help you with any ranch excavation projects.

Personalized Services

We’ll come to your property, discuss your vision for your land, evaluate your site, and give expert recommendations on how to build the ranch of your dreams. Expect personalized service from Shilling Excavation. Tailored to ensure that you’ll be getting the ranch of your dreams.

From fence rows to lakes, roads, tree, stump, and brush removal, and all your ranch excavation needs, we’ll be there to complete the project for you. Expert removal of any obstructions in your ranch that may affect the functionality, value, and look of your ranch property.

Make us your first land clearing choice, and you won’t be disappointed.
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Erosion Control

Avoid Erosion Damage with Our Professional Excavation Services

Personalized Services

At Shilling Excavation, we guarantee to do the job right – the first time. Our dedicated crew can help avoid potential erosion damage.

Thoughtful planning. Tailored execution. Don’t wait until your property is suffering from costly and disruptive erosion. We’ll ensure that your property is equipped with reliable erosion control capabilities.

Expert Erosion Control Approach

Each site is unique. Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to implementing proper erosion control and grading services.

From trench drain installations to silt fencing to phasing, we’ll carefully evaluate your property to devise the proper erosion control approach to use.

Preparing for future stormwater flows. Slope protection. Soil stabilization. Established perimeter controls and construction site exits. Continuous inspection and maintenance.

Hire our team to help you today. We're ready to discuss your soil erosion control needs.
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Pad Drainage

Quality Pad Work

Pad drainage work is one of the most important services we offer. The building pad is the base for your building’s foundation, so it needs to be strong and sturdy. You need to ensure that you’re getting a quality pad built.

If not, you may be looking at costly pad drainage repairs down the road. When you work with Shilling Excavation, we guarantee quality pad work services.

Effective Pad Drainage Process

Diligent sub-grade preparation or dirt work. Clearing of all obstructions including trees, rocks or boulders, and low-level growth. Laying the well-set foundation. Removal of topsoil. Pad preparation. Building pad laying. We’ll take care of all the building pad work for you.

A key component to our house pad work includes sufficient packing with back-fill to ensure the house has a lasting foundation that does not settle.

Hire a Professional Grading Company

Proper pad drainage work requires years of experience and reliable machinery – which we are proud to have at Shilling Excavation.

Proper pad drainage is critical for any construction project. Trust our team to get your construction project on an excellent starting point with quality pad work.
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