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Since 1992, we have been Central Texas’ premier provider of excavation, land clearing, and dirt work services provider. We are proud to serve our community and be the local source for all excavation and land management needs – residential or commercial.

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Whatever performance qualities or aesthetic you want for your road or driveway installation, our experienced and reliable team is ready to take on your project.
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Professional Crew You Can Trust

We have built a solid reputation of being the community’s trusted excavation company in the Central Texas area.

Our local contractors are honest, dependable, and knowledgeable. Rest assured, we will treat you and your property with respect while delivering high-quality services.

Decades of experience put Shilling Excavation at the top in the industry. And when it comes to roadway and driveway installation, experience does matter.

Our crew also utilizes top-quality equipment to ensure that we complete the job at the highest standards.

Roads and Driveways Services:
  • Gravel road construction
  • Dirt road leveling
  • Highway maintenance
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Gravel driveway installation
  • Driveway installation

Road and Driveway Construction Experts

The experts at Shilling Excavation are always ready to meet the challenges of road and driveway construction, installation, and maintenance. 

Whatever your project requirements are, we’re here to help.

Serving the Community Since 1992

We at Shilling Excavation are honored to serve our Central Texas community with outstanding excavation, dirt work services, and other land management needs.

Know-how and Experience

Constructing a well-built road or driveway needs the right amount of know-how and extensive experience. With over 28 years of excavating and land management experience, Shilling Excavation is your local road and driveway contractors ready to serve your needs.

Best Practices for Driveways and Roads Construction

Land Clearing Services
As experts in the industry, we always follow the best practices for road and driveway installation.

Efficient Drainage

Our professional team has the know-how and equipment to allow for an efficient drainage system for all road or driveway installation projects.

With our services, you don’t have to deal with a poor drainage system or risk deteriorating the driveway surface. 

Our experienced road and driveway construction team knows how to properly direct water away from the driveway surface and keep it off. 

We’ll make sure not to let water build up and cause any damage.

Timing Is Important

Our experience and expertise allow us to plan for the best possible time and weather conditions to start a road and driveway construction project.

To ensure a job well done, we take moisture level and outside temperature into account when planning for the ideal installation date.

We also make sure to do precise sub-grade preparation before starting the road or driveway installation. 

The sub-grade serves as the primary support for the new driveway. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain a smooth, firm, and leveled surface.

Our expert team will contour the sub-grade in your property to make sure it matches the layout of the driveway construction. We carefully plan for sub-grade installation by considering ideal weather conditions.

Trust our expertise to ensure the best possible surface for a safe and high-quality driveway.
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Road and Driveway Construction Needs a Strong Foundation

The most crucial component of a road and driveway installation is a well-built and robust foundation or base.

As land management experts, we pull out all the stops to complete a successful road and driveway installation project. No matter what your specifications are, we do our utmost to provide the highest quality work that exceeds your expectations.

Our approach to road and driveway installation is similar to house pad construction. Upon a complete evaluation of your location, our experts will set a plan for the project to ensure that the land is cleared and adequately leveled.

• A comprehensive inspection of the site
Site preparation
• Thorough land clearing
• Land grading
• Proper drainage system
• Erosion control

Dirt Road Leveling

At Shilling Excavation, one of our important jobs is dirt road leveling. In our over three decades of dirt road maintenance experience, we always make sure to complete the following objectives:
• Sufficient water flow control around the dirt road
• Elimination of all obstructions on the road
• Proper dirt road leveling

Water Flow

When you want to maintain your dirt road properly, remember that water (or any of its form – ice, snow, sleet) is not your friend. Our experts know the techniques to properly slope the road and allow for proper water drainage and prevent it from flowing back onto the dirt road.


When there are any obstacles that you need off the road to make the space open and functional again, call us. We have a top-of-the-line fleet operated by our experienced team. We do all land clearing work safely, effectively, and promptly.


When it comes to efficient dirt road leveling, it’s all about equipment and know-how. Depending on your needs, our experienced team knows what leveling solutions to apply for your dirt road.

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Gravel Road Construction

A Great and Functional Gravel Road Starts with Proper Construction

Don’t settle for a hastily constructed or poorly maintained gravel road. With our expert and professional services, you can have a beautiful and functional gravel road for your property.

Full Understanding of Your Vision

Before we begin any gravel road installation, we’ll make sure to understand your needs for it. 

Farming vehicles with massive horsepower and size, for instance, are not suitable on gravel roadways if the surface is not strong enough.

We’ll carefully analyze your needs and the frequency of traffic the road will get so that we can plan your gravel road installation appropriately.

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Creating a Strong Foundation

A strong and well-built foundation is crucial to any construction project – whether it’s residential, commercial, roads, or driveway construction.

At Shilling Excavation, our expert contractors will ensure that you have a strong and leveled sub-grade to build your road or driveway on.

If your property has unavoidable weaker or wet soil, we’ll do the appropriate excavation process to replace it. 

If the roadway is too wide, we’ll bring in the right materials to raise it. 

Whatever challenges or issues your gravel road construction project may present, our expertise and experience allow us to come up with solutions that work.

Choosing the Right Materials

We have the highest quality gravel to use for your project. Whether it’s for base material or surface use, you’re getting the top-grade materials when you partner with us.

Building It Right

This may seem like a simple and straightforward step. However, only experienced gravel road contractors know how to start the project and finish it right.

With our tried-and-tested techniques and know-how, we’ll provide you with a functional and cost-effective and easily maintained gravel road – and not a weak type that needs frequent and costly repairs.

Efficient Drainage Is a Must

The success of a gravel driveway installation depends on efficient drainage. Standing or excess water on the surface or adjacent to the road can negatively impact the installation.

Roads and driveways that can properly channel water out of the surface allow for easier and less costly maintenance. Our gravel driveway contractors have all the means necessary to ensure proper drainage.

Top-quality gravel selections. Tried and true construction techniques. Valuable experience. All our gravel road and driveway installation projects prevent water damage.

Roadway Maintenance

Whether you need soil stabilization or land grading services, our highway maintenance services ensure that your road or driveway is functioning at its peak.

Correct highway maintenance techniques and the use of cutting-edge equipment lead to an efficient road and driveway. That’s why your maintenance needs are best left to the professionals at Shilling Excavation.

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