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Established in 1992. Serving Central Texas.

Looking for a professional, experienced, and reliable excavation and land clearing company in Central Texas?

Excavation Services. Building Site Preparation. Roads and Driveways Clearing. Land Clearing. Land Grading Services. Residential Building Site Preparation.

At Shilling Excavation, we offer a wide range of land clearing and excavation services that can be fine-tuned and polished to your specific project needs. We prioritize safety, client relations, and timely project completion with the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Our team works hard to ensure that your excavation, land clearing, or land management project is promptly completed in a comprehensive, cost-efficient, and safe manner.

Shilling Excavation is a leading excavation and land management services provider in Central Texas. Work with a trusted, family-owned, and proud Texan company. Request a FREE estimate today.

Premier Land Management Services

If you are a general contractor or in search of a professional and experienced land clearing company in Central Texas, hire the experts at Shilling Excavation.

Make sure your construction project is off to a good start with professional land clearing, site prep, and excavation when you employ our services. We also do commercial projects, specialty, challenging, and custom projects.

Whatever your land clearing or excavation needs are, we can help you with an effective solution. If you are looking for something more than our standard services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Prompt. Courteous. Reliable.
Service Like No Other.

We are a local and family-owned business committed to bringing prompt, courteous, and reliable services to our clients.

Since 1992, Shilling Excavation has been providing outstanding service to our clients and customers in the Waco area. When you need professional excavation or dirt work services, you look for attention to detail, prompt completion, and friendly experience. You can get all this and more with Shilling Excavation.

Attention to detail. On-time completion. Positive experience. Expect prompt, courteous, and reliable when you employ our professional excavation or dirt work services for your construction project.

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We have a proven record of commitment to excellent service. We always make sure that all Shilling Excavation projects are completed with the highest level of professionalism using top-of-the-line materials.


We have great confidence in our experience and expertise. We have been providing high-quality land management services to Central Texas property owners since 1992.


Honesty is always the best policy. When it comes to construction projects, you can trust that we’ll be transparent with you and keep you in the loop about every stage of the project.


We use the best excavation and land clearing technology and equipment to get the project done with the utmost efficiency. 

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Competitive rates. No hidden or unnecessary charges. Honest and reliable services. Shilling Excavation guarantee. Work with a trusted Texan local business.

The foundation of our success is our long-standing client relationships and many years of experience. If you need a highly-rated excavation and land clearing company for your project, get started with our services today. We are ready to help.

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Commercial and Residential Excavation Services

Focused on Job Quality and
Customer Service

Choose Shilling Excavation to take care of your excavating needs. Take advantage of our professional and reliable crew with over three decades of excavation experience.

We specialize in excavation services for your construction projects. We use top-quality equipment to finish the job. Feel confident with our prompt service that will guarantee to get the job done, so you don’t waste time and money.

Fulfilling the Excavation Needs of Central Texas Since 1992

Our experts have been meeting the excavation needs of the Central Texas area since 1992. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service – that’s how we maintain our reputation as a trusted local business in Central Texas.

Top-Graded Excavation Equipment

When it comes to excavation work, you must have the proper equipment. At Shilling Excavation, we have invested in top-graded and state-of-the-art excavation equipment to deliver safe, quality, and efficient work.

With high-quality equipment combined with our years of excavation expertise, expect superior service from Shilling Excavation.

Look forward to exceptional value for your money when you hire our knowledgeable and skilled team. Commitment to exceptional customer service – that’s a Shilling Excavation guarantee.

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Building Site Preparation

Site Prep Services to Get Your Construction Site Ready for Building

Hire Our Team for Skilled Site Clearing Services

We can help with building site preparation so you can get your construction project started. With our team's professionalism and expertise, we guarantee to get your site prepped and ready, so your construction project is off to an excellent starting point.

Skillful Removal of All Obstructions On-Site

Your construction project can’t take off if the site is not ready for building. Our team can handle the removal of vegetation, trees, bushes, debris, stones, and other obstacles.

Is Your Site Prepared for Construction Work?

If you are looking for a reliable team to prepare your construction site for building, get in touch with us today.

Contact us for a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION estimate for your building site preparation project.

Roads and Driveways Clearing
and Services

Shilling Excavation offers a range of roads and driveways clearing services.

Punctual and Polite Professionals

If you need land clearing services, look to the punctual and polite experts at Shilling Excavation.

Contact us for a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION estimate for your road or driveway clearing project.


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We have been serving commercial and residential property owners in Central Texas since 1992. We work hard to protect our reputation as a trusted local business.

We ensure efficient, effective, and environment-friendly land clearing methods. We do proper and thorough disposal of all debris and waste – so you don’t have to.

Contact us for a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION estimate for your land clearing project.

Dependable Land Clearing Company

Have a property for development that needs clearing? Or do you need a tree removal or storm-clean up services?

No matter what your land clearing needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Make sure your land is ready and clear of any obstructions so that you can start its development.

Let us clear all the shrubs, tall bushes, and other impediments standing in the way of your property.

Superior Workmanship

Environmental land clearing. Ground clearing. Tree clearing. Hire the land clearing professionals of Central Texas to take care of all your land clearing and site preparation needs.

Expect none other than superior workmanship. At Shilling Excavation, we deliver the utmost care and attention to every project.

Land Grading

Premier Provider of Land Grading Services

Leading Land Grading Contractors

Accurate land leveling to prevent foundation damage, flooding, and landscaping issues.

Team of land grading experts experienced in providing a construction site with a level base to start to get the build started. Land grading service that is precisely sloped to prevent flooding and direct water away from the building. Hire our expert land grading crew.

Precise, Spot-On, and Reliable
Land Grading. No Miscalculations

Ensure a solid base to develop your construction. Accurate land grading is imperative to any site project. If your site has uneven ground, rainwater could accumulate around your building’s foundation.

Avoid water drainage issues, building damage, and topography oversights with our land grading services.

Contact us for a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION estimate for your land grading project.

Residential Building Site Preparation

A Lasting Forever Home Needs Proper Land Preparation. Hire Our Expert Residential Building Land Prep Crew.

Need professional excavation for your home? Shilling Excavation is used to taking on commercial and ranch projects, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver the same high-quality service for your residence!

From pads and roads to erosion control and gravel driveways construction – our crew at Shilling Excavation is ready to meet your residential building site preparation needs.

Our team will ensure that you can build your dream house in your dream location. Land clearing. Excavating. Rough grading. Removal and reuse of debris.

Contact us for a NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION estimate for your residential building site preparation project.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We had [Shilling Excavation] do our house pad, and they were done – from start to finish – in two days, even while waiting on trucks on the first day. You may find someone else cheaper [to do the job], but not as good as these guys. The quality of their work is outstanding! Thanks again!”

– Daniel Cate
“Shilling Excavation dug a huge tank for us ten years ago. It’s the only one in the neighborhood that consistently holds water. They have the right equipment and intuitive skills that made us feel very confident in their work. We called them back for more work recently and got the same prompt, courteous, and expert service. They know what they’re doing.” 

– Michael Lane
“The Shillings do really good dirt work. The contractors that visit my job site keep bragging about what a fantastic job Shilling Excavation did – they fixed my drainage issues, sculpted and put in driveways, and created landscaping beds and dry creek bed. They’ll take good care of you!

– Amy James
“Excellent work! My wife and I are extremely happy with the work they did for us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

– Michael McNamara
“[Shilling Excavation] fixed and added onto my gravel driveway. He did an excellent job. I recommend him for any ranch project you need to be done.”

– Andrew P.
“Shane Shilling is an honest businessman who enjoys being of service to his customers. I’d highly recommend Shane and his company.”

– Chuck Siegel

Need a land clearing and excavation
contractor in Central Texas?

Increase your property value.

Maximize your space to the fullest.

Keep your land safe and prevent regrowth and erosion.

At Shilling Excavation, we always go above and beyond to surpass our clients’ expectations. Call (254) 348-5267 today to get your free estimate. We can’t wait to get started on your project.