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Delivering High-Quality Site Preparation Services
for Residential Property Owners

You’ve found the perfect lot. You have a vision of what your dream home looks like. Now the real work begins.

Building your new house doesn’t have to be a stressful and complicated undertaking – not when you have the Shilling Excavation team on your side.

We’ll help you make sure the site you wish to build your home on is safely and adequately prepared. Staffed with an experienced team of dedicated site prep and land management contractors, Shilling Excavation is a name you can trust.

our expertise includes:

Focused on safe, prompt, and efficient completion of the project that meets jurisdiction requirements. Honest and transparent services. Invaluable know-how. Top-of-the-line equipment. With the Shilling Excavation team working on your property, you’ll get first-rate services – guaranteed.

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preparing the site for your dream home

To construct an excellent and well-built home, land clearing, proper drainage system, and erosion control must be addressed.

Our expert team will start with a comprehensive assessment of your property site. This allows us to determine the condition of the land and make our expert recommendations.

Geotechnical assessment. Anticipated level of groundwater calculation. Land grading needed for a sufficient drainage system. Excavation requirements. We offer a wide range of residential building site preparation services.

We value the trust our clients put in us. We take pride in our long-standing reputation for brilliant work. Rest assured, we’ll only give you our honest advice and recommendations.

No surprise fees. No unnecessary expenses. Only the ideal site prep solutions tailor-made to your specific requirements so you can build a home that will last for years to come.

best residential
site prep contractors

Save yourself time and call the best residential site prep team in Central Texas. 

We assist in a wide assortment of excavation and residential building site preparation projects, backed by friendly, reliable, and professional contractors.

We have the best and top-of-the-line site prep equipment and machinery operated by our experienced crew – ensuring that we’re delivering outstanding services and meeting your specific site prep needs.

trained to solve site prep problems

At Shilling Excavation, we have successfully completed a wide variety of site preparation services – making us a trusted local site preparation company. 

Our commitment to supporting residential property owners in Central Texas is what drives us to give the best possible service to our clients.

trained to solve site prep problems

Residential pads. Road and gravel driveway construction. Erosion control. Everything in between. 

Whatever your specific excavation, land management or site prep needs are, our team is ready to take on your project.

We’ll help you turn a blank space into the home of your dreams with efficient and professional building site preparation services.

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Residential Pads

Build Your Dream Home
on a Strong Foundation

When you’re having a new home built, one of the most important elements is house pad work. Shilling Excavation has been providing residential pads services in Central Texas since 1992.

No matter what specific house pad services you need, we're here to help. Our experienced house pad contractors are ready to work on your project.

Failure to conduct adequate house pad and foundation installation can lead to serious and catastrophic issues. Preparation is key. 

Hire the services of Shilling Excavation to ensure your property will have a safe, sturdy, solid foundation to build on.

What Makes a Quality Residential Pad?

• Prevents water infiltration
• Thwarts movement of earth and dirt around it
• Avoids soil erosion issues
• Provides proper insulation

With Shilling Excavation, you get a company that works hard to do the job right. Our land grading contractors take all the necessary steps and follow best practices and protocols for proper residential pad work.

Land Clearing

We begin with thorough land clearing. The construction site must be free from all obstructions to allow for safe and effective building. We clear away any trees, slumps, massive roots, and other obstacles for sufficient residential pad leveling.

Drainage system and
erosion control

Our residential pad work ensures no standing water in all the graded areas. We also take all essential steps to prevent erosion around the perimeter of the site, the loading areas, and all access roads.

Drainage system and
erosion control

From land clearing, we move on to pad preparation. We accurately define the dimensions of the house pads by width, length, and height – allowing for over dig of three to five feet.

During our house pad construction, we ensure that the proper slopes are installed, and the loading areas are sound. Most residential pads require a great deal of backfill to set the foundation.

Our experienced team will fill the right amount of dirt and heavily compact it. We ensure that the house does not settle down the line.

Let Us Help You Get Started
on Your Dream Home Project

Please reach out to us to discuss your dream home project. Our friendly and reliable team is ready to help you get started on preparing your site to make your dream house a reality.
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Qualified Residential Site Prep Contractors

Our team is fully qualified to perform any residential site prep services you may need. Call us today for a free estimate. We are ready to serve you.

Broad Experience

In any aspect of a construction job, you’ll want to choose a contractor with broad and significant work experience. 

It takes years of experience to master site prep and land management processes. Part of that is because no two properties are the same.

At Shilling Excavation, our extensive experience allows us to handle all kinds of residential properties with different requirements of the project.

You can trust our crew members to provide the right solutions to your residential site prep needs.


With our extensive experience comes competence and reliability in getting the project completed. We know the science behind land management and site preparation. 

On top of this, we have the expertise to operate heavy-duty machinery needed to do the job.

We keep up with the latest industry trends and technology to complete any residential site preparation needs for our clients.

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Accurate and
Honest Quotes

With construction jobs, it can be challenging to predict what kind of issues you might run into during the course of the project.

With our experience in the field, we can give you accurate and honest quotes for the project you need. 

We’ll always keep you in the loop at every stage of the project - keeping you updated on all the latest developments.

Residential Pad Leveling

Our team of land grading experts has substantial residential pad leveling experience. We make sure to leave sufficient space, pad leveling, and compaction for building the house.

Proper drainage system for all weather conditions. Pad leveling to withstand soil erosion and heavy equipment during construction. We know residential pad leveling and how to do it right.

Residential Pad Excavation

Partner with Shilling Excavation to make sure that your residential construction is on the right track. We always deliver adequate residential site prep services so construction can begin on an excellent note.

No delays. No hitches. Only quality services so you can get started on building your dream home. Our top-notch residential pad excavation projects guarantee quality work that is safe and on target.

Basement Excavation

Basement excavation requires more than merely digging a hole in the ground and dropping a basement in it.

It’s a complex construction project as it’s one of the primary supporting components for the house. You need a trusted excavation services provider to meet the needs of this type of project.

Proper planning and foolproof techniques from the experienced professionals at Shilling Excavation ensure that your basement excavation project is a success.

Property assessment. Excavation services. Site preparation. Waterproofing. We can create the perfect basement for your home that is safe, functional, and can stand the test of time.

We have the know-how, experience, and tools needed to complete a basement excavation project for you.

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Residential Building Site Preparation

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Before starting your residential construction project, hire the Shilling Excavation team for site preparation services in Central Texas.

Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. We treat your property with respect, and we work hard to get the project done right the first time.