3 Remarkable Benefits of Working with Commercial Excavation Services Contractors

It might sometimes seem like commercial excavation services are nothing more than trucking around huge heaps of dirt, but in reality, it's so much more.

Excavation is a process utilized during the initial construction phases where equipment or explosives are used to move the rock, earth, or other materials.

It is used to create the foundation of the building and ensure that the final construction will sit on flat ground.

There are many processes when it comes to excavating that all require the right materials, machinery, and techniques to guarantee that the job is done the first time correctly.

These commercial excavation services include dredging, site preparation, grading, trenching, and digging.

What is Commercial Excavation?

Commercial excavation is earthwork for non-residential projects, like malls, condominiums, and industrial constructions. The goal of commercial excavation is the same as residential – to prepare the site for construction.

That includes removing debris like trees and rocks, digging for underground spaces and utilities, and redistributing and compacting soil for stability and grading.

How Do Commercial Excavation Services Differ

Compared with residential projects, industrial buildings are often larger, made of steel and concrete, and hence heavier than average lumber-framed homes. Also, rather than 8 ft basements, non-residential buildings sometimes have underground parking lots or multiple underground levels. That means commercial excavators need to dig and drill deeper piles for stability.

The deeper the excavation, the more costly and hazardous it becomes. Speaking of hazards, sometimes repurposing commercial properties, such as an old gas station, needs the safe disposal and removal of contaminated soil and, in this specific example, underground fuel tanks too.

Additionally, the pressure and weight of nearby commercial structures must also be considered to guarantee site safety. Commercial excavation services are more complicated because of the number of project components, personnel, contractors, and types of machinery involved.

Why Work with Professional Excavators

There are several reasons why someone might need commercial excavation services. Be it for construction purposes or for just reclaiming the land, a commercial excavation company could serve as the answer to all of your issues related to land maintenance.

Land, construction work road excavation, go hand in hand; setting up a foundation for the project is more important than anything else; a poor foundation may collapse the whole structure and waste money and time.

Ground excavation could be utilized for projects such as constructing a pool, a huge housing development project, or residential excavation for a personal home.

An excavating contractor hires people who are professionals and do this regularly. They're the ones that can be depended upon to solve any ground excavation issues that one may encounter.

The Benefits of Working with Commercial Excavation Services

Knowledge and Experience

When inexperienced individuals try to take the job of excavation into their hands, that could become a problem for the property owners. You already got a lot to think about, and taking on this challenging work is overwhelming.

We'd say some things are better off when they're left to dirt work contractors. That is why hiring professionals for commercial excavation services should be considered a prerequisite for construction.

They possess the required skills, knowledge, and years of experience. They ensure you continue focusing on your work while they do the excavation business effortlessly.

Saving A Lot of Time

Excavating contractors with top-notch machines and the latest equipment saves a lot of time as they do the work as efficiently as possible. That also helps boost your timeline for the whole project, ensuring that pre-construction excavation does not get in your way.

Diminished Cost

Using the latest machines and equipment in the hands of the most experienced commercial excavation services professionals saves time and financial resources. It helps shave off expenses in a process that makes it easy for bills to pile up. Financial relief is always welcome whether you are on a strict budget or are operating on commission.

Hiring professionals for commercial excavation services is necessary for any property owner looking for land maintenance. They do much more than move dirt around. They help you with tractor work, demolition services, landscaping, lawn care, tree and stump removal, ground preparation, bush hogging, etc.

How to Select the Right Commercial Excavating Services Contractor

If you're trying to find the best contractor for commercial excavation services, here are some tips:

Compare the Services

Some excavation companies might specialize in a particular type of commercial excavation services, while others could have everything covered & at your disposal straight off the bat.

Make sure that you get those who offer & specialize in the work & tasks that you need, and do not book someone that can't meet your criteria.

Also, go for someone who possesses the right level of knowledge & experience.

Ask for Their Portfolio

Once you have identified a few commercial excavation services companies that meet your standards & criteria, check their past work or ask for their portfolio. They can send you this via mail. You could also locate their projects & before and after pictures on their social media or webpage.

Browse through their videos or photos to see the commercial excavation services they are capable of doing. This process can be time-consuming, but the result and what you gain from it are more than worth it.

Request for References & Read Reviews

You could ask your friends & family for a bit of help and guidance, particularly if this is something they've been handling before and in the past. Overall, looking for testimonials from former clients and references would be best.

Nowadays, everything is only one click away, which suggests that you can easily find the right review that would answer your questions or confirm/deny your suspicion or thoughts that you have about this company.

Check their License

Did you know that one can own lots of different licenses & options? Someone with a license is much more reliable & a safer choice. They could also ensure that you have a valid contract, + if anything goes south, you would not be responsible for their mistakes.

This written contract would set out all the terms and conditions beforehand while outlining the type of work from beginning to end. The company will also list out its materials & gear beforehand, which means there will be no hidden expenses later.

Check out their equipment

Speaking of gear and equipment, some contractors for commercial excavation services are equipped for bigger jobs, while others that are smaller would only work with the most common tools & with specific surroundings. For instance, a smaller excavator is usually chosen for sewer repairs.

Bigger & more serious agencies can be equipped for something more complex, requiring large excavators and maybe even a hydraulic hammer. That is why you have to find someone who meets your criteria.

Compare the Quotes

Different excavation companies will have different quotes & commercial excavation services to offer. That will all depend on the project, the equipment needed, and the distance from the place and back to their company.

If you have a tight budget and you do not have a lot of options, make sure that you do the process of elimination. Beware of companies that bid super low since they might offer low-quality or poorly used materials.

What are the 6 Most Practical Reasons to Work with Farm and Ranch Excavation Professionals?

Farm and ranch excavation work is something that has to be taken on by a professional contractor.

Whether you are planning to install a plumbing system for your farm, dig a drainage ditch, or build a barn, working with a professional farm and ranch excavation company is among the most ideal ways to improve your property.

What A Farm and Ranch Excavation Contractor Could Do For Your Business

Now that you understand what a farm and ranch excavation is, you are probably wondering how they can benefit your business. Here's a more in-depth look at what a farm and ranch excavation contractor could do for you.

Site Preparation

Farm and ranch excavation contractors are vital to the early part of any construction effort. They're the ones who tell if the soil is firm enough to support the foundation of a construction project.

Their testing could also tell if the construction can support the pressure and weight of the project.

Cut And Fill Excavation

Farm and ranch excavation contractors offer the cut and fill excavation work needed for the project to pick up. They clear the topsoil, sand, and rock land that would make building a foundation impossible. Afterward, they can remove any unwanted vegetation from the topsoil to make the lot more stable and appealing.

Operate Heavy Machinery

One of the most notable advantages of working with farm and ranch excavation contractors is that they understand how to use excavation tools and heavy machinery.

They understand how to use cranes, bulldozers, and rollers, which only a few professionals can. You could not complete foundation preparation or site clearing without these tools.

Ensure The Project Is Meeting Standards

Most farm and ranch excavation contractors are bonded and licensed, which means they know and understand the safety and on-site job practices required by the Occupational and Safety Hazard Association.

That also means they carry liability insurance coverage for their work, which is a big benefit for construction companies.

Why Work with Professionals

Farm and ranch excavation may seem as simple as renting a piece of huge equipment and then moving around some dirt, but the process could be much more complicated than you may expect. Why work with a professional farm and ranch excavation contractor for your next huge project? The following are some main reasons you should consider working with a skilled excavator!

It's Dangerous Business

Someone that's an expert in soil composition will know what to expect as they're working on a property. The composition of muddy soil, rocky soil, and wet soil can make it hard to dig deep or even stay on a safe footing in an excavator.

A professional farm and ranch excavation company would know how to test the soil to ensure that the composition could be understood and that full safety can be ensured on the job site.

Need for Speed

Professional farm and ranch excavation companies work with numerous clients at a time to get jobs done in an orderly, fast, and professional manner. They're used to working with a strict schedule and keeping a proper and steady pace. If you rely on yourself or a friend to get the job done, unanticipated delays that you aren't equipped to resolve can set the work back and further delay your project.

Relying on an experienced farm and ranch excavation professional ensures the project gets done properly and on time.

Using The Right Equipment

Professional excavators may have to use more equipment for digging, making excavating quicker and safer. For instance, an excavator may use trenchers or long and narrow digging tools meant to dig trenches for excavating farms or ranches.

These trenchers are also useful for the narrow and long pits needed for plumbing pipes or irrigation.

Using these trenches is more efficient and much quicker than digging those small rows with a bobcat! Specialty crane arms could also be used to reach over and around obstacles. Using these arms could be much easier than managing a bobcat or other equipment around flowerbeds, landscaping trees, and other items on your property.

Backhoes or cranes with more extended arms could also make quicker and safer work of digging pits that are over wet or soft soil. The equipment with those extended arms could sit further back from the edge of a hole during digging, making it less likely to collapse under its weight.

It is also worth noting that most professional farm and ranch excavation contractors have access to heavy-duty, construction-grade equipment that requires special licensing.

This larger equipment could often make quicker work of digging any pit or trench; in turn, you could have your new barn or outbuilding installed more quickly when you depend on a professional excavator with access to this heavy-duty equipment.

You Could Reduce Your Risk For Property Damage

Hiring a seasoned farm and ranch excavation contractor could reduce your risk for property damage. Professional farm and ranch excavation specialists would know how to properly dig on your property and call the public authorities to ensure they can detect all buried lines, wiring, and pipes locations.

Using an excavation machine is not a do-it-yourself job; experienced operators would know how to use excavators even in extremely small spaces. They can be externally careful when turning or moving and avoid spilling dirt for unnecessary cleanup.

Licensed and Insured

A professional excavator that has years of experience in the industry will also offer insurance in case something was to get damaged. If you were to damage an item while working on your property, you would be responsible for the cost of the repairs. If an accident occurs with an experienced operator, you will be covered for these costs. It's an extra line of defense for your property and the entire project's success.

Excavation Is Unsafe

Preparing a job site or digging a foundation for a property can be hazardous. Edges of the pit or holes can quickly collapse if the operator is not experienced or if there is a sudden movement. Hitting power lines can lead to deadly consequences, and the chance of hitting a gas line could result in even worse damage to your house. Rather than risking injury or a major accident for your property, working with a farm and ranch excavation professional is always the best option.

Bottom Line

Farming is a full-time job, and it could be a real challenge juggling a farm and ranch excavation project with other farming chores, like cutting the hay or feeding the livestock. A good professional farm and ranch excavation company could save you time and money. Check out the company's credentials before you employ them for the job. You could also get helpful advice by talking to other farmers who have worked with farm and ranch excavation companies.

If you're interested in hiring a professional farm and ranch excavation contractor, contact us today to learn more about what our excavation company can provide for you! Our number one priority here at Shilling Excavation is genuine customer service; we're always available to resolve any questions you may have! There's no project that is too big or small for us.

At Shilling Excavation, we are known for doing farm and ranch excavation jobs that no one else will touch. No matter the terrain or conditions, we're up for the challenge. We'll take on the job if we can get our tractors there. Plus, we'll work with you to ensure you remain code compliant throughout the process.

Everything You Need to Know About Farm Excavation Services

You need farm excavation services to improve the efficiency of your farm or ranch and to help increase output and a healthier environment.

Farm excavation services improve the area's functionality and keep it running smoothly.

Excavation projects, like farm excavation services, may take a long time and be costly. When done correctly, though, they may save you a lot of money later on throughout the building process.

The work has its fair share of risks, so it is recommended to practice extreme caution.

Here is our top do's and don'ts list to protect your workers and get the work done flawlessly.


Hire A Contractor

Because of the dangers and arduous nature of the excavation, it is advisable to work with farm excavation services with professional experience on large-scale projects. Experienced farm excavation services contractors will provide a wide range of excavating expertise, a highly competent team, and innovative equipment.

You might think that you can tackle agricultural excavation projects on your own. However, you never know when an emergency is going to arise. You will want to have professional farm excavation services to handle the situation when they do. Not only that, but a professional excavation service will ensure that your soil remains stable, even after the excavation, which ensures continued safety for you and your animals.

Protective Clothing

Anyone accessing a construction site must wear protective clothing such as fluorescent coveralls, steel toecap boots, and hard helmets. This approach will lessen the likelihood of accidents and injuries in the event of an accident.

Atmospheric Testing

Excavated areas are easily filled with toxic gases and hazardous fumes, which often make their way to the bottom of the area. The concentration of these gases may reduce the level of oxygen in the trenches over time.

These gases are very harmful due to their invisibility and lack of odor. As a result, it is advised that frequent air testing be carried out to check for these gases.


Pile Excavated Soil on the Edge of a Trench

Excavated soil piled on the edge of a trench poses a danger to personnel. Due to the soft dirt, the pile might easily drop back into the trench, burying employees at the bottom. As a result, make sure that any dirt or other surcharge is at least two feet away from the trench's edge.

Suspend Loads

It should be guaranteed that no one is below the loads, whether they are hung or moved by a crane.

Entrances and Exits

Before beginning work on a building site, separate spaces for entrances and exits should be constructed. Workers must also be properly identified. Furthermore, frequent region inspections will guarantee that the excavation project is finished without delay.

What Does Farm Excavation Services Entail?

Heavy equipment — backhoes, bulldozers, steam shovels, front-end loaders, and tractors may be seen alongside excavators.

Site preparation and planning – Farm excavation services begin with site preparation and planning to ensure that the soil and land can sustain your foundation and building.

Earthmoving – Farm excavation services often move a lot of soil and land, yet this isn't all they do.

How To Select The Right Contractor For Farm Excavation Services

Reliable farm excavation services are critical to the success of any agricultural building project. When many local companies provide farm excavation services, you must decide which one offers the best quality job as well as the most satisfactory customer service:


Farm excavation services may seem to be a simple operation. On the other hand, excavation requires years of on-the-job expertise that has educated specialists on dealing with every circumstance that may develop. We at Shilling Excavation have worked with various commercial developers and are familiar with the complexities of land excavation in our region.


An excavator with years of expertise managing projects for farm excavation services across the local community gives a company a specific reputation.

It's best to work with professional farm excavation services to ensure project quality and completion.

While no excavation firm can satisfy everyone, the contractor you pick should have a positive reputation among clients and other specialists. Request references and do internet research on any excavating company you're considering.

When meeting with several farm excavation services contractors, inquire about the equipment they'll be using for your project. How often do they follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations? How old is the equipment? Hiring a firm that does not properly maintain its equipment might have a negative impact on how it does business in other areas.


A commercial excavator must be licensed, certified, and bonded before being hired. These certifications guarantee a particular degree of quality while also safeguarding your investment. While a buddy may have the equipment to execute excavation work, they lack the qualifications to protect you against delays, failures, blunders, accidents, and other unforeseen events that slow down development and cost you more time and money.


For this project, you have already established an exact budget. The concept of cheap farm excavation services bids is quite attractive to many individuals. But it's the reason for alarm if an excavator comes in much lower than the others. You get what you pay for when you choose the lowest option—usually a lot of difficulties, excuses, and downtime.

We at Shilling Excavation have been providing quality farm excavation services to business developers for years. We invest in better machinery that we repair on a regular basis. Our staff is composed of experienced and highly-trained individuals that our customers can rely on.

We personalize services to match your requirements after understanding the specifics of a project, so you only pay for the work that is necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our farm excavation services.

8 Types of Excavation Services

Excavation services are used in many different applications.

Contrary to popular belief, excavation work is more than just digging a hole in the ground. Depending on the needs of your construction project, you may require excavation services from contractors specializing in different areas of excavation.

Whether it’s trenching, road construction, basement excavation, or drainage excavation, you need to ensure that you are hiring an experienced and professional excavation services provider to do the work.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the different types of excavation services.

What Kind of Excavation Services Do You Need?

There are different types of excavation work. These types are identified by three factors:

When you have these factors identified, a professional excavation contractor can determine precisely what type of equipment is required and the proper techniques to complete the job.

Whether you need to dig and move construction materials to build your structure, install underground pipes, or create a road, knowing the different types of excavation services is beneficial.

This knowledge can help you determine what type of excavation work you need for your own project.

While it’s true that you can always consult the contractors you will hire, it’s always better to be well-informed about these topics so you can make informed decisions.

Classifications of Excavation Work

The classifications of excavation work are further divided into t

Excavation Work Based on Materials Dug and Moved

Job-Based Excavation Services

These excavation services are based on the specific task you’re planning to accomplish at the end of the project.

There are different types of excavators used in site preparation.

These jobs may require different sets of tools.

On top of that, excavation contractors may need to perform specific techniques and processes to get the job done safely and effectively.

Cut and Fill Excavation

This type of excavation process is also referred to as stripping. However, it’s not the same as topsoil excavation, which entails digging a pit or shallow trench.

Cut and fill excavation entails removing massive areas of land on the worksite to make way for the construction project.

Materials such as gravel, rock, soil, sand, unwanted vegetation, and other obstructions are stripped away from the worksite.

This excavation service may also include land grading work. This process ensures that the site is level before construction begins.

Drainage Excavation

This type of excavation work entails making way to construct storm drains or other similar systems to channel water.

This means removing materials from the earth to move water away from one area through a trench, ditch, drain, or other depressions for water runoff.

When you do this type of excavation, the aim is to change the water flow and direct it away from your building, roads, and other structures that could be damaged by flooding.

Borrow excavation means you need other materials brought in to your site.

Drainage excavation is also done to alter agricultural drainage systems based on your specific needs.

These needs include either reducing water levels in areas likely to flood or transporting water to parts of the fields that require it.

Borrow Excavation

Employing excavation services does not always mean you need materials removed.

If your construction project calls for bringing other materials into your worksite, borrow excavation must be performed.

Typically, materials that are brought in include gravel, sand, soil, or a combination of these that will possibly come from a pit.

This type of excavation work is required for leveling, filling, or backfilling certain areas in your construction site. Borrow excavation is also done when you either don’t want to or cannot repurpose materials removed from the site.

Bridge Excavation

Bridge excavation requires backfilling.

You need a robust and sturdy foundation when constructing bridges.

If your project entails building a bridge, the excavation work needs to be done properly.

Thus, it’s essential to eliminate all obstructions that are in the way of a sturdy foundation for the bridge and other bridge substructures.

Bridge excavation may need backfilling and other excavation techniques.

A professional and experienced excavation company can help you with bridge excavation work.

Channel Excavation

Channel excavation fixes a ditch or existing channel’s drainage flow when needed. This type of excavation service removes debris and other materials within the channel to improve the water flow.

The primary purpose of channel excavation work is to alter the flow of water or to increase it depending on the needs of the construction project. This excavation work can fix water issues such as sediment buildup, flooding, or water stagnation.

Material-Based Excavation Services

Many classifications of excavation work focus on what type of material needs to be removed. This is because excavation specialists would need to use specific techniques and equipment.
For instance, you can’t use the same excavation machinery and technique to remove the rock as you would dirt.

Excavation work based on what materials need to be moved or removed may also need different attachments on the equipment and machinery.

Earth Excavation

This type of material-based excavation work involves removing the soil underneath the topsoil surface. Depending on the needs and the type of the construction project, you can excavate as deep as needed.

Earth excavation is applied to several construction undertakings.

Some of these endeavors include constructing bridges, laying down the foundation of a building, building embankments or drainage systems, and laying pipes, plumbing systems, and other underground utilities.

Topsoil Excavation

Unlike earth excavation, topsoil excavation entails removing the topmost surface level of the site. This is typically at a depth of up to 12 inches.

Topsoil excavation contractors remove the uppermost layer of the worksite.

Topsoil excavation contractors will remove vegetation, soil, organic matter, and other materials.

These can either be kept on site for a variety of purposes, landscaping being one of them.

Rock Excavation

Rock excavation requires specialized machinery and specific excavation techniques. This is because the rock is a difficult material to excavate as compared to soil, dirt, or other materials.

Breaking up and removing rocks will present more challenges on the part of the excavating contractor.

Aside from excavation work, blasting or drilling may also be needed to remove rocks from the worksite altogether.

Clearing the site of rigid and unyielding rocky surfaces requires professional rock excavation services.

Muck Excavation

Excavated muck must be properly disposed.

This type of excavation is the elimination of excessively wet soil, which is referred to as muck.

These wet materials are not ideal for stockpiling.

They can also make the site unstable, making the area incompatible for safe and efficient building.

Excavated muck can either be spread out on a wide and flat surface to dry and be reused or disposed of according to proper guidelines.

Professional Excavation Services

Not all construction projects are the same. As such, you may need a combination of materials to be excavated or more than one goal for excavation work.

Only Work With a Professional

You need to work with a professional excavation company to guide you in the right direction.

Whether it’s a small construction project or an extensive development, a professional contractor will have the proper excavation techniques, equipment, and expertise to meet your needs.

10 Benefits of Hiring Professional Excavation Contractors

There is more to excavation work than just digging a hole in the ground. One of the factors that can make or break your construction project is hiring excavation contractors. 

Depending on the needs of your construction project, you need to hire an excavation company that can take on the job.

Thus, it is vital to choose wisely. You reap the benefits of hiring a professional excavation company when you know you have hired experienced and reliable excavation contractors.

Otherwise, you risk compromising your finances, property, and above all, safety.

What Is the Role of Excavation Contractors?

When people think of excavators, they probably think of someone on a backhoe or bulldozer digging holes or moving dirt or earth from one site to another.

However, more skill, expertise, and experience are needed in excavation work than merely operating a backhoe.

Aside from land clearing, building site preparation, and digging, some professional excavation companies offer the following services:

Excavation specialists know the importance of the following:

If you have a future construction project – whether it’s a residential or commercial development, it’s vital to employ professional excavation services.

In today’s post, let us look at and explore the many benefits of hiring certified and professional excavation contractors.

Professionalism and Reliability Are Essential

There is a lot at stake when undertaking a construction project. Therefore, it’s imperative that you hire professional contractors.

An experienced excavation contractor know the local rules and guidelines to follow.

Hiring the services of legitimate and professional excavation contractors will allow you to expect a level of quality, experience, transparency, and training.

These are the traits you may not get from an illegitimate contractor.

On top of that, professional contractors maintain a culture of strong work ethic and safety – two highly essential factors needed in any construction development projects.

When it comes to excavation work, experience is vital. Look for an excavation company that has been in operation for several years.

Longevity in the business is a good indicator of whether or not the contractor is worth hiring. It goes without saying that inept and unskilled excavation contractors don’t last long in the business.

Excavation Work Is Risky

For the inept, unskilled, and inexperienced, excavation work can entail a lot of danger. From incorrect risk assessment to equipment mishandling to trench collapses – too many things can go horribly wrong.

Another important consideration is the size of the worksite. An inexperienced excavation contractor may not know how to work with tight or limited spaces.

On the other hand, professional excavation companies understand the importance of obtaining a detailed plan to work around these scenarios and ensure safety through the excavation work.

Also, professionals will have the expertise and experience to know the best type of excavation equipment to use for each specific project and application.

There are many types of excavation machinery – what works for clearing trees or vegetation is different from what is needed to remove a pond or a swimming pool.

Using the wrong machinery combined with the ineptitude of contractors invites many perils.

Before doing any work, professional excavation contractors will do a comprehensive evaluation of the worksite.

Using the wrong excavator can damage your construction project.

This will help them assess the ground condition, surrounding structures, and how cleanup needs to be done.

Unfortunately, inexperienced contractors may not fully know how to work around these risks.

In addition, improper management of the job may turn your construction project into a costly and unsafe situation.

Lots of Unexpected Things May Occur During Excavation Work

Excavation entails digging the ground – and you never know what you end up digging out. These scenarios make way for unexpected issues to occur.

Tree roots may damage equipment. Uncharted pipes and plumbing systems must be taken into consideration.

You may also encounter hazardous materials belowground after the construction work has already started. Wildlife and other animals may need to be taken into account.

There’s also the possibility of changing the project specifications to adapt to the unique challenges of the worksite.

On top of all that, you need to be prepared for sudden and drastic weather changes.

If you need to make adjustments or changes to your ongoing excavation work, you will need to submit the necessary documents and forms to your jurisdiction.

A professional and experienced contractor will know the steps to take to get it done.

They also have a clear understanding of insurance and safety procedures to secure your construction site and protect your assets.

Proper Cleanup Cannot Be Ignored

Professional excavation contractors understand that site cleanup is just as essential as the actual excavation work itself.

As you know, construction and excavation projects bring a lot of dirt, debris, and other underground rubbish.

From massive tree stumps and vegetation to slabs of concrete to plastics and other materials – you can’t just leave these things obstructing your worksite or affecting your neighbors.

A professional and experienced excavation company will know how to handle the mess properly.

Depending on the jurisdiction, there are specific rules and regulations in handling excavated junk. A local professional excavation company will already be familiar with these guidelines. They make sure to abide by these rules so your project can go on without a hitch.

On the other hand, there is a high likelihood that inexperienced and illegitimate excavation specialists will not be aware of the legal cleanup procedures.

You Cannot Judge A Site by Its Topsoil

Excavation contractors know how to properly dispose excavated materials.

The topsoil doesn’t tell you what you can find underneath it.

Many construction and development projects have been delayed because of what’s been unearthed from several feet down.

Furthermore, different excavation procedures lead to different kinds of soil reactions.

Seasoned excavators know what potential problems to look out for before they even begin digging the topsoil.

Excavation Contractors Do More Than Just Dig

Any excavation work or construction project may encounter sedimentation changes, erosion, or other significant concerns. If not managed properly, these concerns can affect the water distribution and quality for you and your neighbors.

You also risk damaging your property.

On top of that, depending on your jurisdiction, there are existing laws you must follow regarding erosion control.

State inspectors can shut down your construction project if they discover that you are not doing proper erosion control.

Working with a professional excavation company ensures that you are doing the following:

Proper Assessment of the Work Site and Surrounding Structures

Aside from the structure you are building, what surrounds it is also an essential consideration in your construction project.

The surrounding properties, as well as other environmental and outdoor features, might be affected by your excavation and construction work.

From using the wrong excavation equipment to digging too deep or too shallow – these oversights significantly affect your risks.

Fortunately, experienced excavation companies are familiar with avoiding these problems before they can create a costly and lengthy delay on your project.

You Are Not Saving Money Hiring an Amateur

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to cut corners when undertaking a construction project. As a result, many construction managers and property owners believe hiring an amateur with cheaper excavation services is better even though the job is not “perfect.”

In other cases, they go the do-it-yourself route and convince themselves that they are saving money by being resourceful.

There are many types of excavation services you can get for your project.

In reality, you are only jeopardizing your project and putting your assets at risk.

Excavation work requires experts to do the job right.

Unfortunately, when you hire an amateur, or you try to DIY, it’s highly likely that your project will encounter problems.

When this happens, you will have to pay more to correct these issues. You would be paying for the same services twice.

Time Is Money

In any construction project, time is of the essence. However, you don’t want to compromise safety, efficiency, and quality while ensuring that the project is completed on time.

You can trust a professional contractor such as Shilling Excavation to ensure that your project is managed in a timely fashion, safely and proficiently.

Key Takeaway

Professional excavation work is a lot more than moving earth around and digging holes in the ground. This is not a DIY project or work effectively done by amateurs. On top of that, this is not something you would want to be sparing with.

To ensure that you don’t miss any crucial steps or create excavation mishaps, it’s critical that you hire the best professionals.

When you have a construction project underway, find an excavation firm to ensure that the project is off to a good start.

Work with reliable and experienced excavation contractors to see that your construction project is professionally managed and safe.

If you need more information about our professional excavation, land clearing, or building site preparation services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Shilling Excavation team.