4 Undeniable Benefits of Working with a Site Preparation Company

A site preparation company is important since a construction project cannot be completed successfully with workforce and muscle alone.

While a cooperative, trained and efficient workforce is integral in preparing land for building, the project can go haywire if the muscle is not accompanied by level-headed decision-making.

It requires careful planning, estimation, and the help of a dependable site preparation company.

A site preparation company is important to any construction project.

While the brute force work of the labor is required to move and build structures, the site preparation process tests the contractor's mental prowess and skill. Incorrect or half-hearted site preparation leads to a substandard project; therefore, it is one of the first things done before construction begins.

Site preparation is important, and so are land clearing and site preparation contractors. In this article, we'll find out some of the benefits of working with a site preparation company that can make our life easier.

The Benefits of Working with a Site Preparation Company

Makes Excavation Easier

Removing obstructions and hard & stubborn problems on the area surface makes the land much easier to excavate. The things to be removed may include trees to be uprooted, rocks, and other debris. It improves efficiency in the excavation, saving both time and money.

When done without prior experience, this may become tedious and time-consuming. The same job becomes exponentially easier and faster when it lies in the hands of an experienced and seasoned site preparation company.

A land preparation company should show professionalism and quality service.

Helps in Conducting a Timely Inspection

Upon completing the grading site preparation process, the site preparation company gets an approximate idea about the location of crucial things like underground wirings and pipelines. This knowledge helps prevent accidental damage to these systems during construction, saving you the hassle of laying them again.

Increases Ease of Access

Large hurdles or obstructions in the way of construction can become a huge pain in the neck. Not only does it hinder your workforce from moving across your land, but it also leaves you unprepared for any irregularity you may encounter after beginning construction. A timely grading and site preparation job done by a site preparation company ensures you don't have to deal with those hindrances.

Helps the Structure Become Stronger

As they say, 'You can't build a great building on a weak foundation.' One needs to ensure that the base on which the structure will be built is stable and strong. This is where an experienced site preparation company comes into the picture. The site is carefully scoured, graded, and worked upon by professionals ensuring the land is impeccable.

Land preparation is an essential phase of any commercial construction project. As a property developer, your eyes should remain fixed on a better investment return- from site design and selection to construction. Maximizing your property value starts by choosing the right land clearing service.

A site preparation company allows investors to put more acreage into use while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment around them. A site preparation company can also offer site evaluation, feasibility analyses, and clearing services, whether your project involves industrial or agricultural activities, institutional developments, or planned communities.

Why You Should Choose a Qualified Site Preparation Company

If you have a construction project planned, you may be looking for qualified companies to offer bids on grading and erosion control. As you plan out the teams you want to work with, you may wonder if you've chosen the right company to provide grading solutions for your building project. Here are some reasons you'll want to choose a qualified grading company to do the work.

A site preparation company can also help increase ease of access.

First, the site preparation company you choose will be laying the foundation for your new building and setting the scene for the surrounding landscape. Knowing that you have a team of professionals on your job site who are knowledgeable about their craft will give you confidence that your project will succeed from the start.

The grading process creates a solid foundation for your new building; therefore, choosing a certified site preparation company will ensure you work with a team that can handle the job to the necessary specifications.

Finally, choosing a qualified site preparation company is crucial for reducing risk on the job site and the risk of potential future pitfalls. True grading professionals can assess your build site, offer important insights during the initial construction stages, and ensure that your project is on target.

How To Choose a Site Preparation Company

Site preparation can use up a significant amount of time and money. The land clearing company you work with determines your time and monetary investment return.

As you gather the list of local site preparation companies, here are several important factors to keep in mind:

1. Experience

The first step in your search should be to find a local site preparation company that provides quality services. An experienced commercial contractor can offer effective strategies and solutions related to the land development service. You will need to find a site preparation company capable of adjusting appropriately to the demands that fit your intended use. How long has the site preparation company been in operation? Have they handled projects of a similar size and budget? Work experience equips the technicians with the appropriate skills to handle your requests.

2. Specialization

A site preparation company can help prep the soil for construction.

Every commercial project is unique, demanding specific services for land preparation. Ask the land clearing company to list the suite of services they offer. See if the site preparation company aligns with what you wish to achieve with your property. Do they specialize in residential or commercial projects? The site preparation company should also have the right equipment for the project's specific needs and workload.

3. Total Cost

As a developer, you need to draft a budget estimate to determine how much you are willing to spend on the site preparation service. Have open conversations with contractors on reasonable pricing based on land size and terrain. Find out what's included in the site preparation services. Which pricing model do they use: billable hours or daily week?

4.Site Preparation Equipment

Your project cannot get done with faulty or unreliable equipment. For peace of mind, have a conversation with the lead on the job about the quality, maintenance, and upkeep of the company's excavator, bulldozer, skid steer, all the way down to the dirt and rock screening equipment, or whatever equipment is needed for your specific project.

If the equipment isn't well kept, your project will likely be delayed, wasting your precious time. Another thing to consider is if the price of the site preparation company you are leaning towards is on the higher end, the apparatus they are using is more than likely on the higher end.

5. Recommendations

The site preparation company's reputation is another factor you should keep in mind. Smaller companies may have public reviews available. For larger companies, they may list their accreditations on their website or have a list of private client references at request.

Spend the extra time to read reviews from the site preparation company's customers. Visit their sites and talk in person to ask about their overall service from efficiency, equipment upkeep, timelines met when given, maintaining a budget, and their satisfaction with the result.  

Site preparation services need a reliable site preparation company to set up your project for success. When selecting, remember to factor in their experience, specialty, costs, and reputation.

5 Reasons to Work with Professional Site Preparation Contractors

Site preparation contractors are essential since site preparation is a vital component for ensuring the success of a construction project. If the land is not properly prepared for building, there could be significant safety or quality issues with the construction process, likely leading to lengthy delays and additional expenses.

Let's look at the significance of this process, how it is done, and why working with professional site preparation contractors is of utmost importance.

Why Is Site Preparation Important?

Site prep is the preparation and conditioning of a construction site, and that happens after the design of a construction project and before the construction.

Site preparation contractors are essential in any construction project.

The range of activities and processes involved in this first phase ensures a stable foundation for your structure. It guarantees that the site conditions enable the construction project's successful development.  

Ultimately, this affects the factors that influence the overall safety of the site and the project's affordability.  

Any contractor, builder, or engineer will know that the site prep phase is critical. It can often determine the safety of your workers or the success or failure of construction.  

A land preparation company should show professionalism and quality service.

Proper land clearing and site prep are indispensable and not something you should leave up to chance.

Due to this, basic site preparation by site preparation contractors is an essential preliminary measure for the construction of any building. Nevertheless, the specifics of some project developments make them need more work than others.

Site Prep Services  

There are many different processes involved in preparing the site. At Shilling Excavation, we could do them all effectively and efficiently.

Tree Clearing

Tree clearing is an essential step, especially on greenfield sites with no previous development. We get rid of all tree stumps, debris, timber, and other vegetation on the construction site to make a clear space for the construction and earthworks.  

Clearing plants and trees need the help of site preparation contractors.

Removing trees sometimes requires skills that vary from brownfield sites. All tree roots left behind in the ground might continue to grow and risk the integrity and costs of the development down the road. So, it's important to find these during site preparation.

Sometimes, you might have to leave specific greenery on the site for aesthetic or conservation reasons. As such, this step needs a lot of attention to detail.  

Land Clearing

Land clearing is often the final step before proceeding with excavation.

Besides removing trees, the site preparation involves demolishing underground infrastructure and existing buildings on site.  

You never know what you'll find when it comes to land clearing. Existing buildings and infrastructure onsite can often produce unexpected obstacles. That could easily push the construction project above budget or behind schedule. We at Shilling Excavating are expert site preparation contractors, and we have the know-how to develop creative solutions to prevent delays from unforeseen events.  

Structural Fill & Import fill

When leveling a parcel of land for construction, we at Shilling Excavation fill any depressions present in the project land using earth. Sometimes, excavations are easily balanced by bulk earthworks where we can use excess soil from another section to get the depressions filled.

When this isn't the case, we would have to import fill to obtain the required site gradient.  

If the soil on the site is not strong enough to support a structure, it needs replacing with compacted structural fill. That will ensure a solid and good foundation for development. 

Drainage Site Access

Flooding of the roadways and site property can cause complications in the construction project. The best way to stop this is by ensuring the right installation of onsite drainage systems and pipes. It's crucial to have enough access to these systems to maintain them properly and mitigate risks of flooding.

Site preparation contractors also demolish existing buildings.

Our team comprises hard workers who know all the ins and outs of site clearing, preparation, and excavation. We know exactly how to deal with these elements to make sure that the land is excellently primed for construction.  

Why Go to Professional Site Preparation Contractors?

The first part of all new construction projects is clearing and preparing the site once the ground is broken.

Preparation of a land area by a seasoned site preparation service is vital to the building project's success, as mistakes made with this important initial step could leave you with serious issues throughout the construction project and even down the road.

Before you assume anyone with a backhoe could clear and ready your building site, understand why hiring expert site preparation contractors for the project is vital.

Proper land clearing

There is more to land clearing than just removing trees and vegetation.

Professional site preparation contractors have the knowledge and equipment to do a thorough and complete stump and tree removals. Afterward, there's nothing left to interfere with foundation construction or lay a stable and flat building pad.

Objects such as old structures, large rocks, and anything else on the construction site are properly cleared to leave a clean slate for a new building.

Easier and Faster Excavation

When a construction site is properly cleared, excavation is a breeze, which means fewer problems digging for pad installation and foundation construction, plus the ability to stick to a project schedule.

Timely, professional site preparation contractors reduce the cost of preparing to build, so your construction project stays within the designated budget because no excessive excavation time is spent because of poorly removed stumps and other objects.

accurate Land Grading

Land grading is one of the more extensive processes involved in proper construction site preparation. You must hire only professional site preparation contractors to deal with it.

Site preparation contractors know the ins and out of excavation and preparation.

Proper grading and soil preparation are vital for ensuring the site have sufficient drainage and support for the coming infrastructure.

Improperly done, the construction site could suffer from major issues in the future that jeopardizes the structure's stability.

Better Site Access

Expert site preparation contractors would also clear and prepare a stable accessway to the construction site.

A prepared access way gives passage to and from your site by heavy equipment and machinery easier and less destructive, leaving little site damage to repair and clean up when the project is complete.

A Stable Construction Site

Most importantly, expert site preparation contractors guarantee that you can start a new project with a stable, expertly-readied construction site that could provide a good, safe foundation for the building.

With meticulously done land clearing, grading, and excavating, the project is protected against common serious issues when you build on a construction site that hasn't been correctly prepared.


What are site preparation contractors?

Site preparation contractors prepare sites for construction and perform tasks such as grading, demolition, excavating, and septic system installation.

What is site preparation in construction?

 The first phase of any major construction is called site preparation. This process involves leveling the ground for building, and clearing the land of debris and trees.

3 Practical Reasons to Work with a Building Site Preparation Company

Whether the project is excavation or construction, everything begins with laying a great foundation with the help of a reliable building site preparation company. Sites need diligent preparation before a project can get off the ground.

The future of a building begins with site preparation, an elaborate phase where expert care and adherence to protocols determine the project's standard. Site preparation is a complex process that requires a wide range of skills. To build a circle of professionals working toward the same objective, construction teams will engage with architects, soil and erosion control specialists, a building site preparation company, and environmental organizations.

What Happens During Site Preparation?

A band of undeveloped land is similar to a blank page or a new canvas. It's your chance to design your ideal house or a stunning business structure. But there's still a lot of work to be accomplished before what's now a lush, grassy field, an overgrown area of woods, or a rocky environment becomes a groomed piece of land.

A building site preparation company helps clear the land for construction.

Among the first things that must be accomplished is to clear the land with the help of a reliable building site preparation company.

What Is Land Clearing or Site Preparation?

Ground clearing, commonly referred to as site preparation is the process of preparing a parcel of land for construction. Bulldozers are the highlight of the land clearing process, but various other heavy equipment, such as stump grinders, hydro-axes, entire tree chippers, and excavators, are also on the job.

To guarantee that the objective is achieved, it is best to work with a reliable building site preparation company, like us at Shilling Excavation. Not only do we have the essential equipment for the job, but we also know how to work with those massive machineries with accuracy. The final product is a property that is prepared and ready to build on.

A land preparation company should show professionalism and quality service.

Here are just a few of the elements that go into a land clearing process:

Trees and undergrowth

There's only a single place to start when clearing a lot: the treetops. However, before you go crazy and cut down all the trees on the site, talk with an architect and tree care professional to identify a few healthy, older trees to keep. Mature trees will provide a unique ambiance to the property and provide some welcome shade. A few promising trees must survive as long as they are not disturbed by the heavy machinery used in the land clearing and construction process.

Trees are uprooted during a land clearing process.

Your building site preparation company may start the removal of trees from the building site once you've decided which trees you'll preserve. This includes trees, bushes, vegetation, and grass, which may be quickly removed using a specific instrument called a hydro-ax. Stumps and roots are likewise eliminated, resulting in a clean and even surface.

Utility lines

Perhaps some subsurface utilities already exist on your land. But, more crucially, are they close to your construction site? If you want to build a barn, workshop, or guest home in the back, you may need to extend some utility trenches across your property. When soil is already being excavated and transported about the land, this is the best time to do it.

Building pad

After the construction entryway has been built, all undesired trees and bushes have been removed, the site has been graded for efficient water drainage, and utility trenches have been excavated, it's time to concentrate on the building pad. This is a sturdy, level elevated area that will act as the building's foundation.

The position of the construction pad is critical. It is usually found on the highest point of mountainous terrain, but if it isn't, particular care must be taken to guarantee that water remains away from it in all instances.

A bulldozer is among the machineries used in land clearing.

Once the site preparation is done, the construction team will come to the scene and start assembling the building's skeleton. Afterward, the building site preparation company may frequently help with site clean-up, carry away any leftover construction materials, and ensure that the ground is sloped properly once again.

Manpower and strength alone are insufficient to execute a building job. While cooperative, well-trained, and efficient labor is essential to the whole procedure of preparing land for construction, the project might go awry if the muscle isn't backed up with sound judgment. It necessitates meticulous planning, calculation, and site preparation.

The importance of site preparation and land clearance and building site preparation services cannot be overstated.

Let us look at some of their advantages that make our lives simpler:

Makes excavation easier

The ground becomes considerably simpler to dig after impediments, and difficult challenges are removed from the surface. Uprooted trees, rocks, and other waste may be among the things to be removed. It increases the efficiency of the excavation process, saving both money and time.

If you don't have any past expertise with this, it can be laborious and time-consuming. When you leave the work to a skilled and experienced construction site preparation company, the job becomes considerably easier and faster.

Aids in timely inspection

After completing the grading site preparation procedure, the contractor has a rough notion of where important objects such as subsurface wiring and pipes are located. This understanding aids in the prevention of accidental damage to these systems during building, saving you the time and effort of having to replace them.

Increases ease of access

Large barriers or obstructions in the path of the building may be a real pain in the neck. It not only makes it difficult for your crew to travel throughout your property, but it also puts you unprepared for any irregularities that may arise once the building begins. You won't need to deal with those problems if your chosen building site preparation company executes their grading and site preparation work on schedule.

Site preparation should only be done by experts.

As the saying goes, "You can't construct a wonderful building on a poor foundation." This means that the foundation on which the structure will be built must be secure and robust. This is where knowledgeable site preparation contractors can help. A professional building site preparation company will grade, scour, and work on the site to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Now that you know what you're missing out on by not hiring a building site preparation company, we're confident that contacting us at Shilling Excavation will be the initial thing you do if you ever have a construction project. It's also worth noting that all of our lot clearing services are available for both residential and commercial purposes, covering all site preparation requirements for building development. Give us a call today to learn more!

Construction Site Preparation – A Complete Guide

A Step By Step Process For Preparing A Site For Construction

So, you're considering a project on your rural property and desire more information, especially about upcoming ideas that you want to pursue? Are you looking to get underway with a new structure? This guide to construction site preparation will teach you everything you need to plan and prepare for as part of your construction project.

Maybe you need dirt or gravel road construction, a bridge, or ground preparation for fence row maintenance? Ready to proceed with a water excavation plan such as a stock pond or lake?

I'm sure you have a BIG dream for your location -- whether it's residential, farm, or ranch -- so is it an overall outlook of your property that you are considering or a more specialized job that leads you to give Shilling Excavation a call?

Preparation for an Array of Ground Projects

Shilling’s work ranges from water sites, grading and drainage designs, and roadways -- all the way to demolition of buildings and land clearing for new construction. Shilling

Site preparation entails a number of important aspects that need professional contractors.

Excavation brings a wide range of equipment to the worksite, from front-end loaders and earthmovers, to suit construction jobs of all types -- from gravel driveways to barn foundations.

Whatever your property dreams and needs, Shilling Excavation will be "shovel ready" for you!

A Reputation for Land Preparation Excellence in Central Texas

Serving Central Texas for over 25 years, Shilling Excavation has built a strong reputation through honesty and a sincere commitment to every task we embrace.

You - our client - are always number one in importance to us, and this relationship with our clients has given Shilling Excavation the foundation for renewed business.

Getting Started with Your Land Preparation Project

Your call to Shilling Excavation connects you with one of our experienced planners, who is ready to hear about your plans.

We're sure you will have questions, and we will give you every opportunity to share your thoughts.

Professional site preparation contractors only use top-quality equipment.

Our planning representative will offer professional expertise and concise answers to your questions as we explore your ideas.

We will confirm that the type of project you are considering fits the broad scope of tasks that Shilling Excavation performs. Then, get ready to "dig" deeper with us into the plans you have!

You're wondering, "Site preparation – how important is it? What does it entail?" Great questions! -- and important ones! -- since this is the critical first step once we have a clear picture of your future expectations. It is an absolute "must" for any project to "get off the ground," whether it involves a structure or is a land-only endeavor.

You see, once the location of your property is determined, the ground must be brought to an acceptable "working-condition level" with all conditions of the location fully identified and carefully reviewed before construction work can get underway.

5 Critical Areas to Consider When Preparing Land for A Building Project

When taking into consideration the most important aspects of construction site preparation involved in the development of a building or ground endeavor, several, if not all, of the following categories will apply to your situation.

1) Land Clearing

What is the condition of the selected area of your property for new development? Is it free of obstacles so that the ground is suitable for our Shilling team to get underway?

Involved in such work is wooded land clearing of brush and heavy vegetation, tree/stump removal (including mulching and grinding), "brush grubbing" -- pulling roots, eliminating large rocks, boulders, and any large protruding objects, and hauling debris piles (wood, rock, brush, garbage).

Satisfactory clearing is needed to make the site attractive and feasible for work to begin. An example of a proposed project needing preliminary land clearing techniques would be fence installation and fence row maintenance.

2) Structure Demolition

Do you have existing structures on your property needing to be demolished? If so, preliminary consideration must be given both by you and Shilling Excavation in order to identify any materials and/or structure accessories to be salvaged before the start of demolition.

This includes doors and windows, lumber, brick, stone masonry, and miscellaneous items such as lighting fixtures, signs, and door/gate hardware.

As demolition proceeds, jobs that will need to be performed will include hauling of all unnecessary materials from the demolition operation, and possible land leveling or filling.

Heavy equipment (bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks), as well as manual labor, will be involved in transporting debris for proper disposal.

Safety is paramount during the entire operation to prevent injury and protect adjoining property (including trees, shrubs, and other vegetation).

3) Alteration of Terrain

How can we keep the "lay of the land" you like while at the same time establish the proper topography needed? Our Shilling specialists/engineers understand your desire for attractive property "landscape."

Altering terrain is a complex job that professional contractors do.

They will consider your preferences while giving careful, professional attention to slope control to meet requirements for construction site suitability.

What are the benefits of proper elevating, leveling, and filling of the soil? These steps assure adequate water drainage, prevent flooding, and minimize erosion.

We accomplish this through careful land grading, which could include needed culvert grading as well as drainage pipe installation.

Ultimately, you and the Shilling team will collaborate on achieving the very best grading level(s) of your property that match construction requirements with your satisfaction for appealing terrain appearance. We're confident you will be pleased!

4) Soil Quality

Do you agree that the quality of your soil is essential to assure the integrity of your proposed plan?

Shilling Excavation gives careful consideration to the soil on your site by making a visual inspection in order to determine the best type of soil for ventures such as preparation of a building site, dirt road construction, or gravel driveways.

Excavation and hauling of unsuitable soil from the site will proceed, followed by replacement (dumping) of "new" dirt, sand, and stone needed for proper structure preparation and pad installation. Also involved in the filling process will be grading and leveling using the bulldozer, boxblade, and compactor.

5) Utility Infrastructure Safeguarding

Essential to any building plans is awareness of utility installations already on-site -- both above ground and underground. Such utility infrastructure includes overhead power poles, transformers, junction boxes, and especially underground pipes, conduits and cable, gas, and water lines.

At Shilling we adhere to the highest safety standards on all our efforts. We take utility involvement, particularly underground locations, very seriously in maintaining the highest safety standards for our workers, the environment, and your property.

Experienced site preparation contractors will know what issues to expect and how to solve them when doing the work.

Upholding them is critically important when using land clearing techniques and excavation, earthmoving, and other land clearing equipment for this work.

Before getting started, it will be the client’s responsibility to contact utility companies identified with their property to obtain a full profile of the location and utility types present on the property.

A final utility assessment then will be shared with all project workers to make them fully aware of needed precautions with utility locations during work on a proposed land site – from start to finish.

We're sure you will agree the thorough approach to safety is worth it!

Getting An Overview of Your Plans

Now you have a complete picture of the many considerations involved in pursuing your future expectations. Ready to take the next step of "sizing up" your project?

Early in our discussion, our representative will want to gain a complete picture of your objectives by arranging a site visit with you. We want to have the overall design from the outset, don't we?

Let us determine the basic support requirements and feasibility factors, answering your questions, and suggesting options, including practical, cost-effective changes and additions.

Assessing Your Project Costs

Our responsibility begins with an honest assessment of your ideas with cost-efficient, money-saving steps and a desire to satisfy you. You will be satisfied to know that Shilling will provide an estimate on the cost of your project.

Undoubtedly, you have additional questions, especially financial ones. "What do building site preparation costs entail for this part of my project?" you may ask.

As we look at the involved costs of bringing improvements to your property, we can identify
three (3) main categories that apply to both ground-only and structural work.

Here they are with examples for each area:
1) wages for workers
2) materials being moved on-site and off-site(sand, gravel, dirt, cement, lumber, pipe)
3) equipment operation (fuel, rental fees)

You will want to be aware that Shilling has the experience and expertise to allow your investment to yield cost-effective results.

We always are prepared to offer money-saving steps to make your proposed vision a reality.

Your Shilling representative continues to keep an eye out for possible combinations to save you money on the work, as well as increasing your property value at the same time. Shilling strives to achieve the best overall results for you.

Final Steps to Start Your Construction Site Preparation

We're now moving forward to complete our plans and reach "ground-breaking”!

Once we have finalized plans for the project, you will be provided with a cost estimate along with the projected starting date.

Shilling Excavation is committed to completion of your
project in a timely and efficient manner.

Before any construction can begin, site preparation is a crucial first step.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us for the exciting opportunity to build a solid working relationship.

Clear communication and plans are the foundation for any strategy -- a mutual conversation, not one-sided.

Listening always is at the core of any endeavor. Satisfying our client is a winning situation for both sides.

Our hope is that the information we have provided for you will motivate you to move ahead! All that's needed now is your call to Shilling Excavation in Central Texas to become fully informed and ready to launch into getting your building site prepared for your dream project. We look forward to talking with you.

Building Site Preparation: What You Need to Know

The first step to any construction development project is building site preparation. This is the preliminary process of getting your worksite ready for building. It ensures that the project will start off in a safe and efficient manner. 

Building site preparation can make or break your project. It entails several different processes along with the use of specialized equipment and tools to complete the work.

Thus, precision, reliability, and expertise are essential traits for any building site preparation contractors.

What Does Building Site Preparation Include?

Typically, this construction process entails the following steps:

Every construction project is unique. As such, the type of building site preparation processes needed will be different as well.

Some construction projects may require more preparation than others, while others may not.

Site prep is needed in all types of construction projects.

Either way, you need the expertise of an experienced building site preparation company to help you in this endeavor.

Working with professional contractors will ensure that you have a safe and stable, and adequately constructed foundation for your construction project.

Whatever your construction project may be, whether it’s a residential property, an office building, parking lot, water park, or stadium, site prep is an essential preliminary step you must pay special attention to.

On top of that, the specific land clearing and site preparation steps and excavation machinery will vary.

However, many construction projects utilize several vital pieces of excavation and site preparation equipment – no matter what type of construction project it is.

Elements of Building Site Preparation

Getting the Site Ready

Building site preparation work is an essential undertaking.

While this step in a construction project may seem simple and straightforward, it entails a lot of moving parts.

A substantial amount of cooperation and coordination is required among different types of construction specialists.

Employing the services of an experienced and professional building site preparation company will help your project immensely.

Safety First

In construction, safety should be at the top of every builder and developer’s list.

Valuing safety entails strictly following local guidelines and protocols throughout the duration of the construction.

Ground Strength Testing

Testing the stability of the ground is a vital element in site preparation.

In bigger construction projects, testing the soil is specifically needed to ensure that the site is strong enough to sustain construction.

Land Clearing

This process involves an official declaration and plans on how to manage stormwater pollution and erosion throughout the course of the construction project.

Safety is essential in building site prep.

Land clearing doesn’t just mean removing all obstructions on the worksite.

This step also means outlining erosion control measures and water drainage solutions.

Common Building Site Preparation Equipment

Whether it’s a residential or commercial development, there are primary pieces of excavation machinery used.

Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Backhoe Loader

Simply referred to as either a backhoe or digger, this workhorse is a fixed member of the heavy excavation equipment line.

A backhoe loader’s size is small. This feature makes way for the equipment’s precision and versatility on the worksite.

Furthermore, the small-sized loader offers enhanced visibility on the construction site.

The loader, with its small stature, is ideal for city engineering projects and construction work where the space is smaller or is limited.

A backhoe loader has many different functions, including:

There are also many different attachments available to enhance the productivity of a backhoe loader. Depending on your needs, there are several backhoe attachment options that can extend the machine’s capabilities.

Crawler Excavator

Also referred to as crawlers, this type of excavation equipment runs on two continuous tracks. It has a chain track system with tank-like chassis used for landscape grading, mining application, and trench digging.

There are different types of excavators used in site preparation.

The endless chain wheel is ideal for scaling downhills and terrains with minimal risk.

If your construction site is hilly or uneven, crawler excavators are perfect for grading the worksite.

Dragline Excavator

Due to its dragline system and hoist rope with an attached bucket, this equipment is used in road excavations, underwater digging, and pile driving.

This is a heavy and massive excavator. Because of this, they need the individual parts to be transported separately and assembled on site.

If you have a large-scale project, the dragline excavator can meet your excavation needs.

Suction Excavator

Also referred to as a vacuum excavator, this is a piece of wheeled machinery equipped with water jets and a high-pressure vacuum. These features make it ideal for debris cleanup, complex digging work, and other underground applications.

The suction can carry away debris and soil up to 200 miles per hour. It can also reduce the chance of damage on underground digging applications by more than 60 percent.

Skid Steer Excavator

The skid steer excavator is a wheeled vehicle with buckets and booms attached to the front and away from the operator. It is a piece of medium-sized excavation equipment used in residential construction projects to remove or spread dirt and debris out.

Long Reach Excavator

As the name implies, this excavation equipment has an extendable arm that can reach up to 100 feet upwards. It’s ideal for heavy-duty digging and industrial demolition projects.

There are also different attachments you can use for a long-reach excavator, depending on the requirements of the project.

The Value of Proper Building Site Preparation Work

Whether the worksite is small backyard at home or a big area the size of a football field, the key to an efficient and successful construction is a strategic and comprehensive site prep process.

The main benefit that site preparation brings is a safe and stable foundation for your structure. And as you know, any construction project must be built on a robust foundation.

Site prep is essential work.

Site prep entails a dynamic series of tasks.

These include demolition, land clearing, excavation, and laying the foundation.

Each of these processes ensures a safe, robust, and stable base for your structure – no matter what type it is: sports complex, residential property, retail store, office building, etc.

Thus, it's essential to employ the services of professional and reliable building site preparation contractors.