Building Site Preparation: What You Need to Know

The first step to any construction development project is building site preparation. This is the preliminary process of getting your worksite ready for building. It ensures that the project will start off in a safe and efficient manner. 

Building site preparation can make or break your project. It entails several different processes along with the use of specialized equipment and tools to complete the work.

Thus, precision, reliability, and expertise are essential traits for any building site preparation contractors.

What Does Building Site Preparation Include?

Typically, this construction process entails the following steps:

Every construction project is unique. As such, the type of building site preparation processes needed will be different as well.

Some construction projects may require more preparation than others, while others may not.

Site prep is needed in all types of construction projects.

Either way, you need the expertise of an experienced building site preparation company to help you in this endeavor.

Working with professional contractors will ensure that you have a safe and stable, and adequately constructed foundation for your construction project.

Whatever your construction project may be, whether it’s a residential property, an office building, parking lot, water park, or stadium, site prep is an essential preliminary step you must pay special attention to.

On top of that, the specific land clearing and site preparation steps and excavation machinery will vary.

However, many construction projects utilize several vital pieces of excavation and site preparation equipment – no matter what type of construction project it is.

Elements of Building Site Preparation

Getting the Site Ready

Building site preparation work is an essential undertaking.

While this step in a construction project may seem simple and straightforward, it entails a lot of moving parts.

A substantial amount of cooperation and coordination is required among different types of construction specialists.

Employing the services of an experienced and professional building site preparation company will help your project immensely.

Safety First

In construction, safety should be at the top of every builder and developer’s list.

Valuing safety entails strictly following local guidelines and protocols throughout the duration of the construction.

Ground Strength Testing

Testing the stability of the ground is a vital element in site preparation.

In bigger construction projects, testing the soil is specifically needed to ensure that the site is strong enough to sustain construction.

Land Clearing

This process involves an official declaration and plans on how to manage stormwater pollution and erosion throughout the course of the construction project.

Safety is essential in building site prep.

Land clearing doesn’t just mean removing all obstructions on the worksite.

This step also means outlining erosion control measures and water drainage solutions.

Common Building Site Preparation Equipment

Whether it’s a residential or commercial development, there are primary pieces of excavation machinery used.

Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Backhoe Loader

Simply referred to as either a backhoe or digger, this workhorse is a fixed member of the heavy excavation equipment line.

A backhoe loader’s size is small. This feature makes way for the equipment’s precision and versatility on the worksite.

Furthermore, the small-sized loader offers enhanced visibility on the construction site.

The loader, with its small stature, is ideal for city engineering projects and construction work where the space is smaller or is limited.

A backhoe loader has many different functions, including:

There are also many different attachments available to enhance the productivity of a backhoe loader. Depending on your needs, there are several backhoe attachment options that can extend the machine’s capabilities.

Crawler Excavator

Also referred to as crawlers, this type of excavation equipment runs on two continuous tracks. It has a chain track system with tank-like chassis used for landscape grading, mining application, and trench digging.

There are different types of excavators used in site preparation.

The endless chain wheel is ideal for scaling downhills and terrains with minimal risk.

If your construction site is hilly or uneven, crawler excavators are perfect for grading the worksite.

Dragline Excavator

Due to its dragline system and hoist rope with an attached bucket, this equipment is used in road excavations, underwater digging, and pile driving.

This is a heavy and massive excavator. Because of this, they need the individual parts to be transported separately and assembled on site.

If you have a large-scale project, the dragline excavator can meet your excavation needs.

Suction Excavator

Also referred to as a vacuum excavator, this is a piece of wheeled machinery equipped with water jets and a high-pressure vacuum. These features make it ideal for debris cleanup, complex digging work, and other underground applications.

The suction can carry away debris and soil up to 200 miles per hour. It can also reduce the chance of damage on underground digging applications by more than 60 percent.

Skid Steer Excavator

The skid steer excavator is a wheeled vehicle with buckets and booms attached to the front and away from the operator. It is a piece of medium-sized excavation equipment used in residential construction projects to remove or spread dirt and debris out.

Long Reach Excavator

As the name implies, this excavation equipment has an extendable arm that can reach up to 100 feet upwards. It’s ideal for heavy-duty digging and industrial demolition projects.

There are also different attachments you can use for a long-reach excavator, depending on the requirements of the project.

The Value of Proper Building Site Preparation Work

Whether the worksite is small backyard at home or a big area the size of a football field, the key to an efficient and successful construction is a strategic and comprehensive site prep process.

The main benefit that site preparation brings is a safe and stable foundation for your structure. And as you know, any construction project must be built on a robust foundation.

Site prep is essential work.

Site prep entails a dynamic series of tasks.

These include demolition, land clearing, excavation, and laying the foundation.

Each of these processes ensures a safe, robust, and stable base for your structure – no matter what type it is: sports complex, residential property, retail store, office building, etc.

Thus, it's essential to employ the services of professional and reliable building site preparation contractors.